What Are The Advantages Of A Dedicated Server In Terms Of Search Engine Optimization?

January 5, 2022 By [email protected]_84 Off

With an increasing number of people turning online to buy products and services, search engines have evolved into the primary source of traffic for websites. Naturally, therefore, site owners are trying everything to boost their SEO scores. 

Websites use various search engine optimization techniques to improve their ranking in the search engine results pages. As a site owner, when you start looking for web hosting services, you are faced with many options like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc. Each of these hosting types offers certain pros and cons. 

Of these, Dedicated Servers are the most powerful option since an entire web server is dedicated to your website. Today, we will be talking about Dedicated Server Hosting and how they benefit search engine optimization efforts.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Dedicated Server Hosting

When you buy Dedicated Server Hosting, your website is the only user of a web server. Hence, you have maximum control over the hosting environment and can make any changes your site needs. You can choose between a Windows and Linux Dedicated Server based on your preference. When it comes to search engine optimization, a Dedicated Server offers the following advantages:

1: Speed

In recent years, search engines have started including site speed as an important factor in determining the SEO score of a website. Hence, slow-loading sites are ranked lower than their faster counterparts. Also, online users tend to abandon sites that take longer to load. This increases the abandonment rate of the site and hurts the SEO ranking.

When you opt for the best Dedicated Server hosting plan, the server’s resources are dedicatedly used by your site. Hence, site speeds are better than on shared servers.

2: Better traffic management

If your site receives a surge in traffic, the server needs the resources to process the increased requests. Failure to do so can increase bounce rates and hurt your SEO ranking.

With Dedicated Servers, you can opt for a server that has adequate resources to manage current and projected site traffic. This gives you more control over traffic management and helps improve your SEO scores.

3: Security

When you host your websites in a shared hosting environment, its security depends on how other users on the server manage site security. However, with a Dedicated Server, there is no such problem. 

If you manage the security of your website efficiently, you don’t have to worry about ‘noisy neighbors.’ Also, with full root access, you can make changes to the server’s configurations to make it more secure.

4: User engagement

When you use a Dedicated Server to host your site, you have complete control over the web server. Hence, you can create a customized hosting environment to offer a memorable experience to site visitors. This can help you boost site engagement and SEO rankings.

Summing Up

While multiple factors determine the SEO ranking of a website, the choice of the web hosting service plays a major role since it determines the site’s performance. Search engines like websites optimize the user experience and offer the relevant information as per the search query. With a Dedicated Server, you can ensure that your site does not lose crucial SEO points due to performance issues.