Website Success Tools Improve Business Operations through Stress-Free Uptime Monitoring

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In terms of scale and rapid embrace, no other technology has drastically changed how we do business than the internet. It allowed for the nearly unlimited access to information, free from the bounds of geography or the limitations of the working day. It is capable of unifying markets at the global level, while interactions and transactions quickly become innumerable. Everything can happen fast, and capturing or missing a game-changing opportunity can happen in a blink of an eye.

The most common customer-facing platform of most businesses is a website. It’s the digital equivalent of the brick-and-mortar store of classic commerce. Companies present their products and services, attract visitors, and convert them into paying customers. It’s the most popular “place” of business transactions.

On average, how many visitors should business owners expect their websites to get? The answer depends on the type of business or industry that a website functions for. Experts that study website data traffic say that it could be anywhere from 500 to 2500 visitors a month for the average local business. The number varies with product demand – like how a food delivery website will substantially get more hits than one that offers alternative therapy – but a rate of 3 visitors every two hours is an excellent middle-of-the-road rate.

But businesses are aware that visitors are not spread out evenly across the hours of the day or even across days of the year. Visitor rates can go as high as a few hundred visitors during prime hours of the peak season, like during the holidays or exclusive sales. At this point, it’s easier to see how website downtime can negatively impact a business.

How bad is website downtime? Again it depends on the industry in question, but most experts agree on the following estimates. Based on the figures of historical downtime events, average businesses stand to lose a few hundred dollars per minute of downtime. Enterprises that deal with large amounts of online data transactions can lose millions of dollars for every minute their website becomes dysfunctional, inoperable, or flat-out unavailable.

As such, businesses need to ensure that their sites are in good working order all the time. To avoid service issues and provide the best chance of securing customers, companies need to make stringent and periodic checks on their websites’ performance.

In actuality, it’s a logistical challenge for a small business operation to monitor their website regularly. When a business operation is small, it may not be practical to allocate limited resources such as time or workforce to oversee the time-consuming task. Resources are always better spent on the core of the business. Website monitoring can exponentially get more complicated if the type of industry involves typically draws in thousands of page views on average or requires the use of multiple websites. Both scenarios require even more rigorous site checking.

Website Success Tools, the newest provider of web solutions for growing businesses, offers a smart and affordable answer to site monitoring. It is offering uptime monitoring solutions that are convenient, comprehensive, and reliable. Depending on the selected service package, Website Success Tools can provide uptime monitoring as often as once every minute for up to 12 websites simultaneously.

Website Success Tools‘ monitoring system can immediately alert business owners, operators, or system administrators of signs and symptoms of website downtime. The alerts are conveniently sent via SMS or email. In such an event, Website Success Tools provides a full log report on the situation. It means that business operators can carry on their day without worrying about their website bogging down without their knowledge.

Business websites must be up and accessible all the time. Website Success Tools makes this certain, helps clients avoid lost opportunities, allows clients to focus more on the essentials like running their businesses, and allow for stress-free uptime monitoring.

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