Website Design: Using Fonts On Your Site, Safely

May 3, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

No doubt about it, changing the font and font-size on your blog can make the world of difference to how it looks and your reader experience / response. One of the challenges that I have encountered when creating sites for clients is that they like to use ‘fancy’ fonts to enhance the look. Unfortunately, these fonts don’t always translate to a ‘web friendly’ website, which can be viewed as it is intended by the site owner.

The reason this happens is that when a webpage loads on a client (visitors) computer, the rendering (or display) of that page is processed by the client computer. This means that the layout commands are interpreted by the client computer and the browser in use at the time. This explains why there are variations between the different browsers, screens and computers.

Which brings us to Websafe fonts – what are they and how do they effect your web design?

Simply, a websafe font is a font that is most likely to be present on the visitors computer. When you receive your computer, or reinstall it, there are a set of fonts that are installed as standard on Windows and MAC computers – it is these fonts that are considered to be Web Safe.

By using a Web safe font on your website, you are ensuring that your website will display the way you intended it.

If you choose to use a font that is not considered ‘websafe’, the displaying computer will substitute a font for the display and the results will vary.

Even though these fonts are known to be websafe, care should should still be taken, as different computers can be customized to remove the ‘default’ fonts.