Website Builders – Not a Good Idea Or is It?

May 2, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

More and more people are turning to the website builders and paying a monthly fee for them. Some of these site builders are really good but bad at the same time. By using a website builder to start your website, your site will never rank high in the search engines, nor will your site be unique to others. Using template designs provided by the website builder means you and thousands of other peoples websites have the exact same code and design. This can be devastating to a new website.

By using these website builders it lets beginners or small businesses have a chance at paying a small monthly fee to own a website. Unfortunately, you never real own your website nor the code to your website. Its just a program that gives you the ability to use a GUI interface to build the site off of templates the company provides to you. The code is there code and site is there site. When you stop paying a monthly fee you cannot bring that sites code to other hosting providers.

If you are going to start a website for your business you should start it correctly. Using website builders is not a good way to get your business found online or to show your clients the uniqueness of your company. By having a custom built website you can show your business is unique and that will also reflect to your clients. In turn this will create trust and branding to your clients. If I was looking around online for a business, came across some website that you have built via a website builder and it looks decent but your competitors website is custom built with a unique flair and professional design, I think I will purchase the product or service from the website that looks more professional. As do 90% of online surfers do!

Template designs are never a good idea for businesses. The branding process is a very important step in online marketing and web presences. Nowadays you can get a unique custom built website for under $500.00. You keep the code, no one else has the same design as you and you can rank in the search engines without being labeled as a template website builder. Also the best part is you can also update your site with a CMS. Content management systems are just like website builders. The only difference is you can do a lot more with a CMS site than you can with a cheap website builder. CMS’s are a great way to keep content fresh, manage your site and create a community that people will come back to visit all the time. Website builders cannot do this.

So before you decide to start a website for your business and use the cheap website builders, ask yourself these questions. Is my business worth it? Will it make a difference if my business is unique? If you answered yes to one of those questions, the website builder is not for you.