Web Design – Credibility Builder Or Destroyer?

May 5, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

There is a common belief, and I find it totally fascinating, that you should create a good looking and professionally organized website if you intend to sell your products or services online and if you just want to give away some information for free to people worldwide, then there is no need to work hard on your web design. Do you think this perception is correct that just because you are not selling anything, there is no need to spend money and time on design? Well, personally, I just can’t agree!

Creating an Attractive Website is Important:

One important thing to remember here is that we don’t use the internet just to buy products. Mainly, we go online to acquire information we need. Internet is a great source of information on, virtually, any topic you want to learn about. Even when it comes to getting information for free, personally, I will only acquire information from a website that has a professional design with user-friendly navigation.

A website that provides free information is similar to a learned man who helps ordinary people by providing them with good and authentic information. Now, the question is: Will you trust a man in bad clothing to be able to provide you with top quality and technical information? No, you certainly won’t! You will think of him as an illiterate man.

Your Web Design is Equivalent to Your Clothing:

Keeping in view the example of the man mentioned above, your website may be a powerful source of information, but it will not become reliable and trustworthy without a neat and attractive design.

So, you can now very well imagine the importance of a good looking website, especially if you are selling a product. If people won’t trust a website, due to low quality design, even if it’s providing free information, then you can easily understand how important it is for you to give a professional look to your website if you are selling something online.

Your Site Tells Your Story To Your Visitors:

Your visitors learn about your taste for quality by looking at your site. If the design is of low quality, then you will not be able to win their trust as they will assume that you will provide them with low quality information or products. So, a high quality web design conveys the message that you are serious about quality. Thus, a low quality design can be disastrous for your website and business.

It’s the Design that Helps You Stand-Out:

You must have hundreds of competitors, so how can you stand-out from them? How can you tell your market to trust you over them? Well, it’s your web design that will convey the message for you. If you create your website haphazardly, there is no way in the world that you will be able to win the trust of your visitors. Secondly, such a site will never be able to instill trust into your target audience. Thus, to avoid your visitors and potential buyers from going to your competitors, you must create an outstanding website.


Now, you know the importance of a professionally designed website. Remember, your web design must be attractive and relevant to the product or services that you are selling. So, don’t rush, because a bad quality design will destroy your credibility, whereas a good quality design will make you credible and trustworthy.