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Redlands, CA, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via  NGO Wire ) According to the website service company,  MyUnlimitedWP, NPOs should understand what WordPress plugin is best for nonprofit organizations to increase their chances of attracting more supporters to their organization. A plugin gives a web browser additional functionality so that the site could display additional content that it was not originally designed to display. In view of the current digital-increasing world, there is much reason different businesses like NPOs should take advantage of different WordPress plugins based on their services, target audience, and more.

MyUnlimitedWP owner and CEO,  Joseph Kibler, says that understanding the best WordPress plugin for a nonprofit organization can change the user experience by customizing the organization’s website to consumers’ interests. Plugins that allow the web browser to display animations or play video and audio files are designed with the user in mind — so that the user can experience increased engagement with the website that is being visited. An additional perk that comes with using plugins is that most are available as free downloads. “Don’t assume that the free options are subpar,” Kibler says. “[NPOs] can find many great free options from a variety of form builders. […] However, if you require your plugin to perform a very particular function, you may need a paid plugin.”

Kibler further explains what to consider when browsing plugin options for nonprofits. “Aim to select plugins that have multiple functions and meet more than just one of your site’s criteria,” he says. This is because using plugins to customize computer programs, apps, web browsers, and even website-derived content is only useful to your organization if the customizations match its values and ambitions, speak to your organization’s mission, and the like.

Plugins are designed to make your NPO site as unique as your mission while being capable of necessary functions. Kibler provides a list of his favorite sources for plugins in the article about  WordPress plugins. “You can find great plugins from reputable third-party sites,” Kilber says. Sites such as CodeCanyon offer reliable and trusted paid plugin options that are thoroughly vetted, tested, and are equipped with support so nonprofit organizations can be confident that such plugins will perform.

You can also get various plugins for NPOs directly from the WordPress repository. “Almost all developers will submit the free versions of their plugin for users to try,” says Kibler. Such plugins are deemed exceptionally easy to access and implement. Still, organizations should remember that too many plugins will ultimately hinder the performance of a website. “Make sure to have as few plugins as possible built into your site while still achieving your goals,” says Kibler.

While finding high-quality plugins for nonprofits is only a few clicks away, those who prefer professional assistance can reach out to  MyUnlimitedWP  for the best plugin  options  for nonprofits. MyUnlimitedWP has 17 years of web design experience and is eager to use its WordPress expertise to help advance businesses, including nonprofit organizations.

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