Visual Effects Industry – How to Become an Eminent VFX Artist?

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Apart from a few documentaries, almost all movies, soap operas, advertisement and short films use visual effects (VFX) to make it visually appealing. While VFX scenes are mostly known for the eruption of tall buildings, giant robots, massive explosions and tsunamis, they can also be used for simple tasks like changing backgrounds to create simple magic. Today, VFX is widely used across various mediums and its power is utilized to create magic on the screen.

Visual Effects as a Career

VFX offers one of the most lucrative careers in most of the countries, including India. Digital artists from all over the world can get a highly paid job and freelance projects quite easily and make ‘extra’ money. Not only this, VFX offers you an entertaining platform to work. You feel excited about a movie release and creating magic on a 70 mm screen. You can boast of your skills when you get credits at the end of the movie.

This is an exciting career path for many. In fact, software engineers have started getting into VFX after spending few years in software development. This makes it the most demanding and competitive industry. Therefore, you should have extraordinary skills to establish yourself as a Visual Effects Artist today.

Become a VFX Artist: The Career Path

As you do not need to qualify yourself as a ‘graduate’ like in the other career profiles, the best way to start your career as a VFX artist is to get into a job while you are studying. You can join as an intern. You may not earn much during this stage in India but it will definitely boost your profile and increase your chances of landing up a highly paid job later.

The education and required experience may vary depending on the employer and region. There are no specific educational requirements to become a good visual effects artist but it is advisable to be keen to learn more.

Minimum qualifications to land up your first VFX job include the following:

· A Bachelors degree in Software Engineering, Fine Arts, Animation, or any visual art courses.

· A knowledge in a technical area, such as physics, mathematics, etc.

· Expertise in software such as Autodesk Maya, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, etc.

· A strong demo reel or portfolio.

· Strong knowledge of 2D and 3D computer graphics as used in media production houses.

VFX artists work in the post-production department of a movie-making process. They need to ensure that the effects and dynamics are seamlessly integrated with the scenes. This technology is becoming more specialized with the increasing use of technologies. So, only the keen learners can establish themselves as eminent digital artists in the industry.

Start learning and never stop.