Upgrading Your Inner Vision! A New Technique for Awakening Your Mind’s Eye

May 6, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

The possibilities of Human Software Engineering continue to amaze me. Just today I was debugging some friends for the TB miasm (see an article about this here) and a fascinating related issue came up. I was telling my friend Dona and her daughter and granddaughter about helping a young girl a couple of years ago with an issue of not being able to see things in her mind’s eye and Dona said, “I can relate to that. I have trouble envisioning things. And because of that it’s hard for me to envision and manifest the things that I want in my life. In fact it even makes it difficult for me to know clearly what it is that I want my life to look like!”

I was immediately fascinated both because of the instant recognition of the potential application for the kind of issue that she was raising and because I was pretty sure that I have a simple HSE solution to this problem. So I tested her and sure enough there was a way to upgrade her inner human software to correct this problem. With a little more questioning it was clear that this had been a life long problem. I asked her to envision something that she really liked. She said there was a house in Hawaii that she really liked so she tried to imagine it in her minds eye. She could sort of see it but it wasn’t very clear. She said, “I can’t really get a sense of it.” And the muscle test was weak.

The young girl who I had worked with a couple of years ago had not been able to read books without pictures and she also had a lot of trouble with math problems. She just couldn’t see things in her mind. At the time I had a flash of intuition to combine one of the ampoules from the Earth Element test kit that is for upgrading vision with one of the special beta test ampoules that Martin Keymer had made from a vital unfertilized human egg cell. These ampoules seemed to me to be like energetic stem cell therapy. When I had tested this young girl, I asked her to try to envision her favorite thing which she said was Disneyland. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t see it in her mind and she muscle tested weak for the ability to see with her mind.

So I muscle tested to find the right ampoule for vision and the right ampoule from the seven versions of the egg cell beta test kit that Martin calls “Basic Life.” Then we upgraded this girl’s system using these ampoules and retested her. Now her nervous system tested as strong and when I asked her to envision Disneyland, not only did she test strong she said, “I can see it!” I looked over at her mother. Both she and I had tears streaming down our faces we were both so moved by the experience.

What I had learned from doing this upgrade was that by combining with Basic Life Ampoule with the proper ampoule for the senses that it might be possible in some cases to enliven latent abilities that had been suppressed or never enlivened. This young girl had experienced some significant birth trauma. Her current mother had adopted her. Her original mother was apparently a drug addict and the children of such mothers can have quite some trauma at birth.

What I had not realized until today was the potential that this kind of upgrade could have for “normal people” who simply wanted to improve their ability to envision things. If you have seen the movie the Secret you know that your thoughts and intentions are what you tend to manifest in your life. If you can’t clearly envision what you want then you may have trouble bringing it into being! Now there’s a way to improve your ability to more clearly envision what you want.

Of course you may still want to work with a WaveMaker Coach to debug the Core Dynamics and all of the conditioning that causes inner conflicts. But being able to upgrade the basic ability to see things in your mind’s eye may just be an important part of having the life you really want.

When I tested Dona after doing a similar upgrade using a Basic Life ampoule and one of the ampoules for stabilizing the energy of the sense of sight she tested strong and she said that she could see and feel the house in Hawaii now much more clearly.

Wow! What an incredible possibility for helping people envision their lives the way that they really want to see them be! All the seminars and affirmation in the world won’t help you manifest your vision if you can’t even see it. It would be like trying to install video viewing software on a computer with an operating system that isn’t enabled to access the video card. It’s just not going to work!

At the moment this special “Basic Life” test kit is only in the beta stage. I am on Martin Keymer’s beta test group list so I have one of the beta test kits. But this certainly gives me the idea to explore this more as a way to help people optimize their ability to envision what they want in their life and be able to see it and manifest it.

If you would like to have this done, I have some amazing news. We can now imprint the Upgrade signal in to special “bioresonance oil and mineral drops” that we can make in our office and send to you anywhere in the world. I’m interested in having people do this who will give me a report in two weeks and two months with a description of your experiences. I’d like to document what happens with this. So if you’d like to participate and clarify and optimize your ability to envision your life the way that you’d like it to be, call or (arrange to come on in if you are local) and we’ll help you Upgrade Your Inner Vision!

Of course upgrading your inner vision is only one small part of what can be done with Human Software Engineering. You can debug the conditioning and the habits at the basis of just about every kind of problem in your life. GLT is packaging different HSE applications such as the Be Smoke Free Now program, the Peace of Mind, Happiness, Focus and Productivity program, the Inner Vision Upgrade Program, the Core Dynamics Coach Training program, the WaveMaker Mastery Program, the Advanced WaveMaker Mentoring program and many others. I hope that you enjoyed this brief story about the origins of HSE and that you will also read and enjoy the other articles in this article section of our web site as well as learn about the many other HSE applications described throughout the site.