Top Warhammer Online Witch Hunter Guide – Warhammer Online Witchhunter Strategy and Leveling Guides

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There are many career options to choose from in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Within each army, under either the Armies of Order or the Armies of Destruction, lies classes or career options whose full potential may be used and enhanced if a player is familiar with the main characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of the chosen class. Their the career options in the Empire Army. Typically described as a hunter and a warrior, this character is said to be feared by the Empire citizens themselves. Those who belong to the Chaos Army, specifically the witches of course, fear them greatly as well. They do not get tired of fighting against the disciples of dark magic. The Emperor himself has given them his blessing to locate and annihilate the members of the Chaos Army. So far, they have been successful in carrying out this task. They have embarked on a continuous travel, trying to find those who work for the dark side. It gives them no greater joy than to take pleasure in eliminating an enemy. A number of gamers have constructed Warhammer Online witch hunter guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

A rapier and a pistol is said to be their signature weapon. They are highly effective in melee combats. However, they are also skilled in close-range fights. They wear light armor. Jokingly described as one who looks like Val Hensing, they also wears coats and cloaks as well has tunics and hats. They also carry with them torches and swords—useful tools in searching for the enemy. They have his head bent in battling corruption within their universe. They take pride in finding their enemy’s weakness and interrogating them. And then, they pass off judgment. They are gifted with speed and agility. He is a dangerous opponent. He can carry around other tools and gadgets such has chrisoms, blessed ash, holy water, and holy relics that will surely be feared by the creatures of the dark.

When you play as a them, remember your strengths. Under the Warhammer Online guide, their strengths and weaknesses are listed. You are skilled both in melee combats and even on close-range fights. The pistol is a highly effective weapon for you if you use it within the proper circumstances. Do not use the pistol in close-range fights as this will only slow you down. Use the weapons that are effective when speed is required: your knives and daggers, your torches and your rapiers. When you play against them, on the other hand, remember that your best option is to catch them off guard. They are skilled in two aspects of battle so you have to be wise. Trick them and distract them. Stay away from their pointed blades as they are effective in close combats. But when you have them at close range, kill them with a bullet to the head. Only then will you have defeated a witch hunter: a bullet straight to the head or a blade struck right through the heart. It is also useful to know of the top Warhammer Online witch hunter guide to help you with your game.