These are the most in-demand services among small businesses in Australia, from video editing to web design

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Freelancing marketplace Fiverr has revealed the top services businesses are searching for in Australia.

The company’s Small Business Index is based on data from millions of searches, pinpointing which services are most in demand.

In Australia, the fastest-growing searches over the past six months have been for Youtube video editing, which is up 175%, followed by Instagram posts (95%) and Squarespace web design (46%).

It comes as Aussie businesses have been boosting their online presence amid the pandemic so they can reach potential customers. With the popularity of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, there has been a rise in demand for short and long-form video content as well as static images and animated posts.

“It has always been necessary for small business owners to stay on top of the latest trends to connect with their customers,” Peggy de Lange, Fiverr’s VP of International Expansion said in a statement. “Many Australian small business owners are adapting their online presence to set themselves up for success in the months and years to come.”

As businesses around the world adapt to this shift online, the searches for related services has spiked. Fiverr listed the most in-demand services globally and dropshipping topped the list.

With dropshipping, a business doesn’t have to keep products in stock or in storage. What they do instead is sell a product but the order goes to a third party supplier who then sends it to the customer.

After dropshipping is Shopify promotion, followed by YouTube editing.

Here are the top 10 list of in-demand services around the world according to Fiverr and how much their searches have grown over the last six months:

  • Dropshipping – 319%
  • Shopify promotion – 247%
  • YouTube editing – 231%
  • Front end web developer – 205%
  • Product mockup – 186%
  • Facebook promotion – 174%
  • Social media design – 158%
  • App development – 133%
  • Brand name – 85%
  • Customer service – 85%

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