The Impact Advances in Wireless Technology Have on Our Lives

May 4, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Wireless Technology Will Make Our Life Simpler than We Predicted

Modern technologies have more wonders than people could think it would have. Wireless technology is one of these wonders. This technology is not only changed our communication system but also our life style. A recent research has showed that more than 80% of total people of the world use the help of wireless technology and most of them use wireless devices at least one time in everyday. People use wireless devices so much in their daily life so they can’t even think that is a wireless device. Wireless technology is become the part of our daily life. We can’t spend a single day without using any wireless device.

Modern communication was started by the use of telephone lines and at the starting time it was used only for sending news people even believe the news over AP wire but where they can’t go then they waited for the news over air which comes by wireless devices. When the radio had invented the idea of sending news by wire had become useless even this system also destroy the uses of telegraph or telephone lines. Now the era of wireless technology, people only use the telephone lines for formal communications and the use of telegraph is demolished by the use of wireless fax or like these machines.

The former computer networking was based on wire connections but now the modern computer networking is based on wireless connections. So, why you use a wire connection instead of wireless connection? Why you sit on your chair to communicate with others instead of communicating anyone from anywhere with any wireless device. You can think the cost of wireless device is higher than fixed connections but the actual cost is little more than fixed connection cost and the cost of wireless connections is going down and the day is not so long when you can easily buy a wireless connection.

The Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access or WiMAX is the latest invention of wireless technology and the use of this system is become higher than we thought before. A WiMAX network can easily reach 30 miles where the usual wireless connections can reach only a few meters. This technology will change the view of wireless technology and I believe it will provide you the advantage which you can hardly think about. Bluetooth is another invention of wireless technology. This technology becomes popular by its use in the mobile phones. This technology now has various uses. You can find Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or DVD players in the market which will help you to reduce the use of wires.

Our life will be easier with the help of wireless technology. We can do most of our works from anywhere only with the use of wireless devices. I don’t think that it will only make our life easier but our lives will be smooth and lovely with this technology.