The Ideal Hotel Website Design

May 6, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

An ideal hotel marketing, whether online or offline should start with a comprehensive and user friendly website. Website design for hotels should be centered around the specific needs of the property and attention to detail must be paid to make them appealing to online users as well as search engines. Research is an essential part of online marketing strategy for any hotel, in which effective keyword inquiry should be conducted. This phase also helps in forming an efficient hotel SEO strategy in later stages.

Hotel website should incorporate not only relevant, but search engine optimized content. Pages should focus on a unique keyword theme or group, or market segment. A theme based approach should be kept in mind when developing content which can result in a better position on search engine. Experienced and professional copywriters with hospitality background can create appropriate titles, keywords, description and body copy for website pages. It has been observed that as a result of optimized content, Meta tags, copy hotel websites experience increase in their click through rates, which results in getting a better ranking on the search engine results.

Focus on website content should not take the focus away from the design. This is particularly important for hotel website as they have to enhance their imagery and overall presentation to leave that first impression on the website visitor. The architecture of the website should reflect the unique selling points of the property as well as the local and regional factors. Most of the times, a simple and an easy to navigate design does the trick and can convert visitor into buying customer. Special attention to visuals pays off during the website design stage, as well as Javascript and flash images can also enhance the impact of the website. A great overall presentation can help captivate the attention of the target clientele and also contribute to the branding.

Something as minor as the placement of the navigation buttons including the reservation menu is imperative for the time spent on the website. The most important and compelling information items should be placed at the most strategic position on the website. Similarly, backend is another invisible spine of any website. A state of the art Content Management System can give hotel owner’s access to their website and allows them to make instant changes in the content, or add information, such as latest hotel promotions or seasonal packages. A perfect website should bear a consistent look and feel throughout with the design, content, on-page optimization, as well as promotions to attract traffic to the site, resulting in a rewarding return on investment.