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Visual and Codeless Programming

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Academically visual programming refers to programming using graphic notations instead of text coding. The industry has not adopted a visual programming because of two reasons.

  • On contrary to common expectation that “one picture is more than a thousand words” most visual languages are harder to understand than text coding. A picture is easier to understand than text because it is more concrete. But graphic symbols in a visual language are highly abstractive and harder to grasp than words by laymen.
  • Without a rich software library like industry languages do, such as Java, JavaScript, .Net Framework, etc., a visual language can only be of academic value.

On the other hand, text coding IDE’s have much evolved into rich graphic user interfaces. Microsoft has thus called their computer languages “visual languages”: Visual Basic, Visual C#, etc. Visual language researchers are saying that these are not visual languages because they are text coding … Read More

Java Programming: Benefiting The Software Industry In More Ways Than One

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Introducing Java

An object-oriented programming language, the use of Java spans a number of computing platforms. It can be seen practically everywhere nowadays- be it supercomputers, enterprise servers, mobile phones or embedded devices. This programming language has succeeded in bringing a number of advantages to the software industry and also to those who are associated with it.

When James Gosling of Sun Micro Systems unveiled Java to the programming world back in 1995, it was perceived to herald in a new era for computers. Ever since there has been no turning back and Java has emerged as the most popular language that programmers all around the world prefer. It is used for designing softwares as well as a number of other web service applications.

Java, how has it been beneficial for the software industry?

Like most of the other programming languages in the market, Java is in a process of … Read More

Guidelines for IOS App Development

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It is not every day that you will find an opportunity to develop apps for Apple, especially if you are a software developer. There are some important things or guidelines that you need to know. Additionally, when it comes to the ecosystem of Apple or developing iPhone applications, things are different. This article will give you guidelines for app design software; it is about the iOS app that you need to keep in mind.

Developing iPhone applications

Often the techies are in a fix regarding developing iPhone applications. It is not about making the decision of developing one, but understanding if you need to or not. Majority of times you need not develop an application just because it is in demand rather it is more about plethora of apps that are already there. For computer developers, it is easy to develop an app at a faster rate than anyone out … Read More

Custom Software Development – Necessity and Advantages

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Custom Software Development services are growing day by day. One of the major reasons behind it is the flexibility custom made software solution offers which almost every business is in need of to modernize and to change with the often changing working patterns. Further, to stay ahead in this fast paced and competitive world, companies have to be highly adaptable and to suit such transforming needs customized software solutions play a key role.

In order to get smartest programs, businesses need to use client-oriented approach or project management. Companies should be well aware of the requirements of their customers. If you are a company you can take help of specialists to learn about the products of your customers and meeting closest to the needs of your customers in most efficient way. It is the duty of the manager to contact customers and update them about the progress of their work. … Read More

How to Select the Right SR and ED, OIDMTC Firm for You?

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Factors to consider when selecting your SR&ED, OIDMTC service provider:

1) Industry knowledge and in depth experience

2) Government Incentive Program knowledge & experience

3) Ethical Business Practice

4) Experience in interfacing with government agencies

5) Testimonials in your field of expertise

1) Industry knowledge and in depth experience: –


It is pertinent to verify industry knowledge and experience when selecting the appropriate SR&ED / OIDMTC consultant. If your company specializes in software development, you want your SR&ED consultant to be a software developer so they can speak technically with your lead developer regarding your project(s) and eligible SR&ED expenses. You would not assign a manufacturing engineer to a software company and vice-versa. It is not sufficient to possess only SR&ED or OIDMTC program knowledge, as in many cases savvy consultants are able to view your technology from different prospective and position your submission in a … Read More

Training Chess Tactics – Is Visualwize The Best Software For Improving Your Chess Tactical Skills?

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Chess is primarily about tactics; hence improving your chess tactics is essential. Richard Teichmann, a famous German chess master, said in 1908: “Chess is 99 percent tactics”, and he was right.

Whether you are just starting out in the fascinating game of chess, or a seasoned player, you’ll know that it is important to make the right moves and have excellent tactics.

Today, there are several programs that claim they can help you improve your chess tactics and visualization skills, and it can be daunting to establish which one is the best.

Visualwize is a chess training software designed to train your visualization ability in the game. Developed by Louis Holtzhausen, a software developer, chess coach and chess enthusiast, Visualwize is a program that allows you to replicate the exact moves used by masters in actual chess matches, enabling you to advance your visualization skills. As your visualization capabilities improve … Read More

6 Silly Mistakes Which Your Website Developer May Make

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Website and Software Developers are constantly working on deadlines to meet launch dates and events. However, they are highly prone to making silly mistakes which can be quite costly. Being negligent is only one part of the security issue, but being negligent and not knowing it or not taking corrective steps later can also be quite damaging to the reputation and business of a website. This article deals with 6 careless mistakes which you should ensure that your web developers does not make.

Using Simple Passwords

This is one of the most ridiculous ways to get hacked. Developers use simple generic passwords for multiple websites and even have the same password for different functions of the website. This means that someone attempting to brute-force or guess your passwords is surely going to be lucky. Passwords like john123 or adminpassword or password are so cliche, that these are the first ones … Read More

What is the Software Development Life Cycle? Introduction to the SDLC

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Programming software or an application can be somewhat stressful at times, especially when it comes to coding different parts of a big project. Thus, having a system in place that allows you to take the development process step-by-step without feeling overwhelmed is essential to producing a high-quality piece of software.

This is exactly what the SDLC is – a system of activities that includes several stages or phases and when followed, ensures that you have a good understanding of the task at hand while also eliminating error as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll be deep diving into these stages and what each of them includes.

Business Analysis or Discovery Phase

First, you have to plan. There’s no such thing as too much planning and if you miss out even one minor detail during this stage, you could find yourself having to revise the entire project.

During the analysis … Read More

N – Classic Gaming with a New Twist (A Review)

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If you’ve ever wasted hours or even days on playing a video game on your old Commodore 64, then chances are it was a game called Load Runner. Well, it’s amazing how this genre has come back full circle. “N” is such a game. Developed in Flash by Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard, of Metanet Software Inc.

My first sight of this game was from watching my son play it on his computer. I instantly became mesmerized by it’s smoothness and the intricate details in the movement of the main character as it moves, flys, jumps, and falls throughout maze after maze of enemies and bonuses. I especially took note of the simplicity of the game. Finally, someone has released a game that one can sit down to and play without having to crack open a 20 page instruction guide. But don’t be fooled! There are over 200 levels to … Read More

Beware Of Slurls When Searching For A Domain Name

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Finding a good a domain name is a big task – there’s not only making the list of choices, but then hoping that one of them is available. Sometimes a search could result in what would appear to be a prime domain being available; but there may be a reason – perhaps it’s a “slurl”.

The term slurl was coined by a British software developer, Andy Geldman and is a combination of two words – slur and URL.

A slurl refers to a domain compromising of multiple words that when put together, can form other word combinations and mean something quite different to what the registrant intended – and often of a humorous, adult or gruesome nature.

Another type of slurl is one where the words comprising the domain name don’t also spell another phrase, but may be interpreted as a slang term for something else.

Yet another form of … Read More