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$53 million for screen production, but policy reforms could spell the end of the Australian feature film

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The 2020 federal budget has allocated A$53 million towards Australian screen production.

The funding comes attached to policy reforms harmonising incentives across film and television production and removing requirements for films to play in cinemas.

Arts minister Paul Fletcher argues “the old approach of treating film and television differently no longer makes sense” and “simplifying regulations” will encourage creators to develop higher production value content for international streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

But producers fear this will spell the end for Australian-made films and feature documentaries in cinemas.

Responding to the policy changes, film producer and distributor Sue Maslin AO tells me:

This announcement brings an end to producers like myself continuing to invest our time, money, blood, sweat and tears in developing features and forces us to focus on digital platforms in an unregulated environment where to date there has been negligible commissioning by streamers and no

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Colors, screen size and more

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Analysts suggest Apple is on the cusp of launching its latest generation of superphone, with an event announced for Oct. 13 (you can livestream Apple’s event from home — here’s how to watch). The current hottest rumors suggest that we may see multiple versions of the iPhone 12, with features like 5G, lidar depth mapping and the latest A14 Bionic processor. (And here are some features on our iPhone 12 wish list that Apple should steal from Samsung.)  But what will the phone look like? Let’s dive into the rumor mill to work it out.

a screen shot of a computer: A concept mockup of the iPhone 12. Phone Arena

© Provided by CNET
A concept mockup of the iPhone 12. Phone Arena

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Every iPhone 12 feature we expect Apple to announce



Multiple iPhone 12 sizes

a screen shot of a computer

© Phone Arena

First up,

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How to prevent your Windows 10 screen display from turning off

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You might have seen that the screen display turns off automatically when you leave your PC idle for a certain period of time. This function is very helpful to increase the device’s battery life and to some extent, it even prolongs the screen life. However not every person likes this feature. Many people prefer to keep the screen from turning off regardless of whether they actively use their computer or not. On Windows 10, there are multiple ways using which you can prevent your screen display from turning off.

Prevent Windows 10 screen display from turning off

To keep your screen from turning off on a Windows 10 computer, you may use  one of these options:

  1. Through Settings app
  2. By using Command Prompt
  3. Through the Control Panel

Let’s see all these methods in details:

1] Through the Settings app

Prevent Windows 10 screen display from turning off.

If you want to prevent the screen display from turning off,

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TVFix Caster HD Streaming Media Player for Any Big Screen TV

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TVFix Caster

Tvfix Caster works as a streaming media player that you can connect it with your television by connecting it through the HDMI cable.
Tvfix Caster works as a streaming media player that you can connect it with your television by connecting it through the HDMI cable.
Tvfix Caster works as a streaming media player that you can connect it with your television by connecting it through the HDMI cable.

TVFix Caster Pricing

TVFix Caster is exclusively available online through the official website, where it’s priced around $50 per unit, although you can get a steep discount by ordering multiple units at once:
TVFix Caster is exclusively available online through the official website, where it’s priced around $50 per unit, although you can get a steep discount by ordering multiple units at once:
TVFix Caster is exclusively available online through the official website, where it’s priced around $50 per unit, although you can get a steep discount by ordering multiple units at once:

Newark, New Jersey, Oct. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TVFix Caster is a recently-released device that lets you cast any content to your TV.

Just plug TVFix Caster into your TV’s HDMI port, then stream anything to the device

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Trump says he prefers outdoor presidential debate so Biden can’t read his answers ‘off a computer screen’

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President Donald Trump, on Friday, October 9, said that he would want the next presidential debate to be held outside rather than it be conducted virtually so that Democratic nominee Joe Biden “cannot read his answers off a computer screen”. Trump made the statement during an interview with FOX News medical expert Dr Marc Siegel on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.

Siegel, during the segment, asked Trump a question: “So I have a question and this is my own fantasy, Mr President. All of this back and forth controversy about the next debate. And if you test negative, and you’ve said you want it to be in person, how would you feel about a debate outside on Miami Beach?”

Trump answered it with: “Well, I’d have no trouble with it at all. In fact, when we have rallies outside, we’ve had no problem whatsoever. Outside is better than inside, as you know,

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Ex-employee found living behind the silver screen: Orange Police Blotter

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Criminal trespassing: Park Avenue

Police responded to the Silverspot Cinema around 12:40 a.m. on Oct. 3 after an employee saw a fired coworker inside the complex, the suspect having been ordered to stay away — and arrested — after previous incidents in 2019. Police found the Garfield Heights man, 30, lying down behind the movie screen in Theater 8. He said he moved after seeing officers, having been staying for some time in Theater 10 because he is homeless. He was taken to the Bedford Heights Jail.

Lost property: Park Avenue

A woman called police from her home in Elverson, Pa., on Sept. 28 to report that she had dropped her Coach wallet while walking from the AC Marriott to the Pinecrest parking garage around 11 a.m. the day before.

She realized this once she’d gotten into her Maserati and went back to the front desk, where staff

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How to tell if there’s a green screen on Trump’s Twitter video

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Video experts say that’s unlikely. Instead, the odd elements people are pointing out — the focus of the grass, the background that looks like it’s on a loop, the shadows — are more likely a result of standard compression that gets applied to videos when they are posted on Twitter.

“I don’t see clear visual evidence that the video is shot with a green screen, the crisp shadows appear to be consistent with the sun as the light source, and the reverberation in the audio does not sound like it is indoors,” said Hany Farid, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley who researches digital forensics.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said the president was filmed on the South Lawn and did not use a green screen.

Earlier, a White House official said that both videos posted to Trump’s Twitter feed Thursday were filmed on the South Lawn

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Netflix wins legal battle to screen ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’ series

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Mallya, once called the “King of Good Times” for his extravagant lifestyle, is fighting his extradition to India. He was arrested in London in 2017 after 17 Indian banks accused him of willfully defaulting on more than 91 billion rupees in debt accumulated by Kingfisher Airlines – a carrier he founded in 2005 and shut down seven years later.

Nirav Modi, an ex-billionaire who used to be a jeweller to Hollywood stars – Kate Winslet wore his creations to the Oscars – is also fighting extradition to India, where he’s accused of defrauding a stare-run lender of about $US2 billion ($2.8 billion).

Roy was sent to custody in 2014 for his Sahara group’s failure to comply with an Indian markets regulator’s order for a $US3.9 billion refund to depositors, forcing the tycoon to sell assets. He’s been out on parole since 2016. Sahara, which had opposed the Netflix series and

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Excessive screen time concerns some CPS parents

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COLUMBIA- The Columbia Public Schools Board of Education will vote next Monday night on whether the district will return to in-person learning or continue virtual learning. 

However, some CPS parents want to end online learning because they see the toll it’s taking on their kids mentally. 

MU Health Care child psychiatrist Laine Young Walker said too much screen time can eventually cause mental health issues. 

“It can be very isolating if you’re only using screen time as a way to maybe even engage with others,” Young Walker said. “And so that isolation can lead to depression, and also some anxiety because you’re seeing all these images of things of in the world, maybe things that are scary. And so anxiety can come about.” 

CPS mother Kelly Hoover noticed her fifth grader’s emotions changing while participating in online learning.

“I would say there’s a lot more emotions, um, and not necessarily

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Expert Elaborates On How Excess Screen Time Can Affect Your Eyes

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World Sight Day: Blue emitted from digital screens can cause eye strain


  • Too much screen time can cause eye fatigue
  • Excessive screen time can cause dry eyes
  • Too much screen time can cause blurred vision

World Sight Day 2020: October 8 is observed as World Sight Day. This day is meant to raise awareness about ways to improve eyesight and eye health. Ever since governments across the world imposed restrictions on movements to curb spread of COVID-19, people have been adapting to new ways of socialising and communicating. This has made many dependant on technology, that has in turn increased the screen time. Excessive screen time weakens the brain’s ability to process information, focus, make decisions and control thoughts and goes without saying, has an adverse effect on the eyes.

World Sight Day: How too much screen time can affect your eyes

Since the mind and the

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