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Don’t Forget The Keyboard Tray When Standing

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It’s become clear that humans weren’t designed to sit for hours on end while working an office job or lounging around the house. Research praises the idea that sitting less, or standing more often while incorporating movement into your daily life, is beneficial to both short-term and long-term health. Moving frequently during the day promotes blood flow and burns calories. Enhanced circulation increases energy and focus by distributing oxygen more efficiently and can help prevent chronic ailments. With regards to posture, standing is also a healthier position for our bodies than sitting.

Sitting tends to promote compression, leaning, and slouching. All of which can contribute to chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as well as longer-term ailments such as arthritis. Standing tends to open the body and easily facilitates movement so that we are rarely in the same position long enough for it to be significantly deleterious to our health.… Read More

The Computer of the Future Will be Your Mobile Phone

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These days, many devices are “converging”. There is nothing new about it. Everyone will tell you that in a few years time, you will be able to buy a mobile phone that is also an FM radio, digital camera, PDA, MP3 player, universal remote control, USB drive, clock, have untold wireless connectivity protocols, and computer (with web browser, email & other general computer abilities).

Many experts would hesitate to include the “computer” in the above list. They mention many technical difficulties, such as: screen resolution, keyboard, pointing device (mouse), processor speed, heat dissipation & battery life.

I argue that Similar arguments can be made about laptop/notebook PCs. Take a look at many offices today, & you will see many laptops being used as a normal desktop computer. People will connect external mice, keyboards & monitors & then you hardly notice you are using a laptop.

Now, you are also seeing … Read More

How Many Monitors Do You Need for Your Business?

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Is your business computer or internet-oriented? Are you having trouble shifting from window-to-window just to get a single spreadsheet done – even by using a widescreen monitor? Chances are you’re in need for a second or third monitor, which is perfectly justifiable when you’re your own boss, data entry specialist, and marketing specialist. Believe me, the probability of sales will skyrocket when using multiple monitors to manage simultaneous running applications.

First off, count how many applications need to be opened simultaneously. If you’re using Windows 7, there’s a split screen function that lets you split the screen real estate in two – enough to handle (you guessed it) two applications at the same time. If you’re poring over whether you should get Windows 7 as a replacement for your current operating system (most likely) Windows XP, you better make the shift. On a Mac, however, there’s always Boot Camp, which … Read More

Smart Phone Apps – Does Your Business Need One?

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With all of the smart phones (iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry’s) being used by consumers today it seems you can download an app for just about any conceivable purpose. Many online functions such as stocks, banking, weather, and even ordering flowers, that have been traditionally assigned to computers are now being performed right from an individuals phone. There is no doubt that smart phone usage is increasing at an incredible pace, in 2009 alone, worldwide smartphone sales reached 174 million units!

So as a retailer, is the time right to make the investment and launch an app for your business?

First, keep in mind that if you have a website it will be viewable from a smart phone already, so some of your customers may already be browsing your website from their phone and possibly even placing orders. Unfortunately, most websites are not optimized for a 4″ screen so what might be … Read More

Choosing a Digital Microscope For Teachers and Students

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Technology has become an integral part of education in the recent times. With the advent of digital microscopes working on different types of laboratory experiments has become simpler than ever before. Digital microscopes were earlier utilized only by scientists for research purposes. However, this technology has effectively been implemented in the education system as well. Before such technology can be introduced to the students, it is imperative that teachers too are aware of the benefits of using digital microscopes. This would ensure smooth flow of instruction allowing the teachers to move on from concept to actual application.

For instance, explaining cell multiplication or plant growth is of no use if students are not able to visualize it. Even if the teacher draws a diagram to explain the concept in a better manner, actually viewing a phenomenon has a much more lasting effect. Students are very keen on knowing new ideas … Read More

The Typewriter: Influencing Communications Technology

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Without the invention of the typewriter would it have been possible for the computer to bask in its global popularity today? Would you be reading these words if it wasn’t for the invention of the keyboard? When you think about the ease of usage as you type compositions that appear on the screen of your computer monitor, we should never forget the celebrated invention of the typewriter.

Mastering the use of the typewriter comes with the tag team precision of eye, brain and hand coordination. During my tenure in high school, typing classes were taught as an elective. Typewriters were extremely popular at that time, due to a soaring demand in secretarial careers. Accuracy and the number of words typed per minute were primary requirements for secretarial positions.

The evolution of the typewriter dates back to around 1713. An English engineer, Henry Mill was granted the first English typewriter patent … Read More

Fun With Karaoke Players

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Join the Thousands Who Enjoy Karaoke

Among the basic things you need to arouse your singing career might just be a karaoke player.

Take a minute to educate yourself all about karaoke players and how they can help you to become a better singer. If you have always wanted to try your voice at karaoke, but didn’t have the daring to do so, there’s good news.

Presently you can sing At home with your very own karaoke player.

What is this Asian curiosity?

Basically, a karaoke player is a software program that can be downloaded straight to your computer. Some types can be downloaded for free unless the owner offers different paid features.

The player is similar to other audio MIDI players that allow you to hear music through your computer speakers or headphones. The difference is that a this software lets you to both hear the music and see … Read More

Digital Video Formats – Codecs Compression and CCTV Video

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Digital video, which has many formats, is a highly beneficial tool. Businesses can tap into its neglected power for Internet marketing (the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service 24/7 on the Internet). There is no better way to sell in a global market that makes purchases 24 hours a day than with a well designed website that includes this beneficial tool. It is also involved in many litigation cases and is quickly finding its way into court rooms around the world.

In the following paragraphs, my goal is to help you understand digital video with regard to closed circuit television systems and its many formats.

In its simplest terms, digital video can be defined as a video that has been recorded using a software program and digitally stored in a computer. A CCTV system is a computer. That digitized information can be controlled from a computer … Read More

Ergonomic Office Products – The Myth

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By strict definition you cannot manufacture or purchase an ergonomic product. What works for you may not necessarily work for the next person. Products can be designed to be ergonomic but until you apply the two most critical factors, the user and good ergonomic principles, it’s just a product.

Office workers from all professions are experiencing unprecedented levels of neck, back, shoulder and arm pain as an unintended consequence of the paperless office, according to new University of Sydney research and this is reflected in the increase in the number of products marketed under the “ergonomic” banner.

Buying these types of products is an unusual process because by definition, the fit must be intensely personal. Resolving pain issues isn’t as simple as plugging in a new mouse or keyboard and finding the time to get to a showroom can be difficult. If you do find the time to get to … Read More

Plasma Vs LCD TV – Flat Panel Television Battle Continues

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This has been a much-debated issue that has not been fully resolved until now. Both have made improvements and have gained a group of supporters. And although both Plasma and LCD televisions have its good and bad side, the battle still remains as to who will emerge as the best. Let this comparative guide help you identify which fits your home best.

When planning to purchase a flat panel television, what factors do you consider? Plasma and LCD TVs are relatively sleek and slim and come in affordable and high end prices. Both delivers good image and sound quality and wide connectivity. So which one should a buyer choose?

The size should not be an issue since both are on the same level. Screen size should depend on your living area space and your personal viewing preference. For the price, plasma appears to be more affordable than an LCD TV … Read More