Significant Features of Micro Ohmmeter

May 5, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Normally, it is an electrical instrument that measures small resistance with high precision. In other words, it could be defined as a microcontroller based instrument, which is available in various designs. It has got high level of accuracy and is ideal to be used in labs, in universities and in any other manufacturing unit. The unique features of micro ohmmeter include – a fully automatic range setting and hold-function, which are very easy to operate. In fact, all operations of this instrument could possible to be made manually.

Significant features of this instrument:

  • This resistance meter has a special comparison function, a comparator with good and bad output values. By this means, bad-components could be eliminated out separately.
  • This resistance meter has other extra features such as protection against network loss, battery backup, password protection and loudspeakers.
  • Its large display is very bright and clear and gives a wide viewing angle that it acts as perfect for a laboratory measuring tool or as a resistance meter in an automatic test-system.
  • Readings that are displayed by this measuring resistance are very quick to read on the interfaces. Its simple instruction set makes integration with existing measuring technology.
  • These instruments are available from 1 A up to 200 A special protection setting guards against voltages, for example against charged devices which are being tested. It is likely to choose to control the measuring tool itself by either an external, internal or fuzzy trigger. It has measurement software, and its features include fast acquisition and saving of data.
  • On the whole, it has got a very low measuring device with 4-wire Kelvin-probe procedures and a powerful resolution as well as high measurement current for measuring the smallest resistances.
  • A resistance tester of this design is well suited for laboratory use, for the automotive industry, for testing the quality of mechanical connections and contacts, for airplane construction, in automatic test-systems and in all other purposes where measuring of small value of resistance is required.
  • Other applications include: it is highly useful in electrical and electronic industry. It could be used for finding the resistance of transformer or motor winding.

This precision instrument is extremely suitable for measurement of low value resistance. It uses a state of art technology for measurement of low values of resistance. The technique used by it is helpful for the elimination of errors caused due to resistance in the connecting leads. The instrument uses precision low drift integrated circuits to ensure stability of measurement over widely changing conditions. Micro ohmmeters of different brands are available, all of which are very accurate, affordable, and is available with auto-range capability. Various accessories are also available, which will enable accurate and efficient measurements of very low value of resistance.