Saved by Guillermo Haro

May 2, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Guillermo Haro is not a superhero, a life guard on a beach, a police saving a criminal’s victims, a fireman who helps trapped people in a fire, nor a doctor who treats patients. Despite of these facts, Haro obviously saved a lot people in many different ways that makes people honor him more than a superhero. Is it really possible to help others without getting a job like a doctor, police, military, fireman, coast guard and the like? Obviously yes you can; but how? The right person to ask is Guillermo.

Haro, as a philosopher and astronomer, spent his life discovering new inventions and solutions to current problems. Before he became what he was right now, he also spent his school life like other normal young boys did. The only difference is that Guillermo Haro has a goal which is clearer, more stable, and worth it than the other boys. A normal college graduate would aim for a good job, excellent pay, and a happy family. Yes those things are part from Haro’s dreams, but 99 percent of his goals were not directed to himself. He offers his hard work to all, helping every person in a greatest possible way he could. Before he knew it he was already a great philosopher and astronomer and he loved doing what he was doing even if it means forgetting his own personal life.

Guillermo Haro was admired by several organizations and individual citizens who were aware of his excellence. Appreciation is only a consolation. The thing that inspired him the most is that he could save as many people as he can by continuously doing a great job in his field of expertise. He certainly doesn’t want to become a superhero, but for others who owe him big, he is certainly their superhero. Those people saved by Guillermo Haro experienced a different kind of happiness they wanted to share to everyone.