Questions to Ask a Pond Builder

May 6, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Ready to hire a pond builder for your backyard pond? Here are few questions to ask your pond contractor to be sure to find the best match for you. Asking about a guarantee on your pond construction workmanship is always a good idea. Landscapers are notorious for poor business practices. Typically, landscapers do not answer their phones once paid, thanks to caller I.D. A standard warranty should be one year on all parts and labor.

Does the company offer pond service? This question is important. Chances are if the pond contractor does not offer pond service they will not service your pond problems efficiently after it is built. A quality company will offer a training manual or some type of training to insure the homeowner is comfortable caring for the pond after it is installed.

How many days will the pond construction take to complete? A good pond company will typically only build ponds. Why? Because most landscapers only build three or four ponds a year and have not mastered the learning curve for ponds. A good company builds twenty to thirty ponds a year and can completely install a small pond system in one or two days.

Be sure to ask about any additional services offered after the pond installation. Ask about future cleaning services and whether parts or pumps are in stock items that can be easily replaced.

Finding out if you are talking to a sales representative or the owner is always a good idea. Often hiring the owner of a business to build your pond will give you a better quality product and will aid in the best communication with a company in the future.

Do you have any display gardens? This question is important as most companies do not have store fronts. Viewing a display or waterfall will let you see first hand how your feature will look and what type of artist you are about to hire. Do not assume the photos that a pond builder shows you are all his work. Make sure you ask where, when, and for who features were built.

Do not forget to review the pond builder’s website and search for any comments made online. Be sure to hire a company that is friendly and easy to work with as you will need to continue this relationship for a long time.