Protecting Your Body From Aches and Pain

May 4, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies to the best of our ability. We may seem strong, healthy, and pain-free today, but there is no telling what can happen tomorrow. Our bodies more delicate than they may seem, some bones and muscles are very sensitive, and so are certain nerves and joints. Those of us who work very long hours a day, can suffer from many body related problems. This includes, but is not limited to, bad posture, back aches, body aches, nerve damage, and joint damage.

Good news is that most of these only happen when we fail to take care of our body properly. Prevent aches and pain by taking care of yourself, and pay attention to the most important facet of prevention -posture.

In order to have good posture, your back needs to be in an S shaped curve, not C or V, which we often are caught doing. When the posture is not right, the body, especially the back, starts to strain. Strain turns into stiffness which causes pain. This results in reduced levels of productivity and affects the quality of work. This is why it is recommended that you maintain proper posture while working. If damage does occur, it can lead to permanent damage and health risks.

Ergonomics introduced many tools for this very purpose; so that you can keep minimize the risk of pain on your body. Some of these tools include the desktop computer monitor stand, laptop cooler, portable book stand, dual monitor riser stand, and more.

The advantage of a tool like the dual monitor riser stand is that it helps prevent strain on the neck and shoulders. If you have to look too high or too low, the neck and shoulders get strained, and this can cause permanent nerve damage to the area. The desktop computer monitor stand is similar; the level of the monitor should be at a height that’s comfortable. If not so, this can cause pressure on the eyes, give headaches, cause neck pain, and much more.

Your work station should be arranged in a proper manner so that everything is within your reach, and you are comfortable. You need space for your knees, hands, head, and space to breathe as well. Bending to pick something up should be easy, you do not have to turn into an elastic band, use your knees to bend, not back. The pressure on the back can make a disc or bone feel sudden exposure.

The use of ergonomic equipment plays a vital role in helping prevent ache and pain. Additionally, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and less strained out if you follow the tips mentioned above.