Plasma Vs LCD TV – Flat Panel Television Battle Continues

May 6, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

This has been a much-debated issue that has not been fully resolved until now. Both have made improvements and have gained a group of supporters. And although both Plasma and LCD televisions have its good and bad side, the battle still remains as to who will emerge as the best. Let this comparative guide help you identify which fits your home best.

When planning to purchase a flat panel television, what factors do you consider? Plasma and LCD TVs are relatively sleek and slim and come in affordable and high end prices. Both delivers good image and sound quality and wide connectivity. So which one should a buyer choose?

The size should not be an issue since both are on the same level. Screen size should depend on your living area space and your personal viewing preference. For the price, plasma appears to be more affordable than an LCD TV unit. But experts believe that Plasma screen usage consumes more energy that LCD televisions thus you will not save on power consumption costs. LCD televisions are famous for its low power consumption so long-term savings could be achieved.

Despite these similarities, LCD and Plasma televisions make use of different technologies. But then of course what really matters more is the display these technologies give. Most experts claim that Plasma televisions display deeper blacks. Richness of color is also present compared to a standard LCD TV. But now that high definition LCD television is available, LCD HDTVs are taking the stage.

Moreover, LCD televisions do not suffer from bad image retention. They are not prone to burn-ins where images stick to the screen. This makes it a good replacement for a computer monitor too. The high resolution of Samsung LCD TVs allows detailed images to be displayed making it appropriate for image-heavy videos and games.

Plasma televisions generally give you deeper blacks, larger screen at an affordable price, and somehow better response time and pixels. Liquid Crystal Display televisions, on the other hand, are not susceptible to burn-in, more stylish, can be a good PC monitor replacement, and are now equipped with High Definition technology.

In reality, a winner cannot be declared yet. Do a comparison shopping and see which one suits your needs best. If you are on a really tight budget and would just like to watch TV on a good screen, Plasma may be a better choice. Now if you are into gaming and computer use, then a Samsung LCD TV would be the best choice.