Panasonic RP-HC500 Noise Cancelling Headphones

May 3, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Panasonic has launched its new invention the RP-HC500 noise cancelling headphones. Using this headphone it is now possible to work in a sound proof environment. About 92% of the noise is reduced using this noise cancellation headphones. It has an amazing battery life of about 40 hours average time and the most preferred by the travelers. I work for a reputed firm in the testing division and would have to check calls for the quality and good customer service. The use of RP-HC500 has helped to a great extent. With the help of the covered ear cups, the external noise is completed sealed off. There is one Quality battery provided with the RP-HC500 noise cancelling headphone kit.

The kit consists of a hard casing and an aircraft battery charger. One can switch between the normal headphones and a noise cancellation headphones. This toggle feature makes it easy to use the headphones at different environments and at different places. Say it music or movies, or any type of entertainment, RP-HC500 is the best. It is compact and can fit in any of you travel bags. With the affordable price, it beats every other noise cancelling headphone in the competition. All these great features in one piece is available in Amazon at a price ranging between 100 to 200 dollars where as other noise cancelling headphones are very expensive. I use this set with almost every media that I have. For entertainment and work it is one of the few things that I would always carry with me. It weighs about 1.8 pound and comes with a hard casing to safe guard the components of the headphone.

There are other accessories in the market that one can use with this headphone. The volume control external kit is also available. Compared to the other models of noise cancellation headphones, it is cheaper and most effective and provides you with all the features of a good quality headphone. Now I don’t have to blast my ears to listen to my favorite music when the aircraft engine sound is high. As creative I use this headphone for doing yoga. For meditation and for peaceful concentration the noise cancelling headphones come up with very exciting functionalities of blocking external sound. The meditation in yoga involves listening to calm music, meditation and self awareness. In all this, the noise cancelling headphones play a great role in helping me attain my spirituality.

The ear cups are extremely fragile and gently over the ears, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. It is made up of plastic and the company saved a lot on the making of the ear cups where as other companies use leather and they have increased chances of getting heated up due to excessive use. Compared to the other brands it is cheaper and they claim to have a better noise cancelling feature than any other headphones. Their claim is true and they definitely have a better quality over other noise cancelling headphones.