Ancient Greek Agora South Side

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From pre-historic times, there was always a road that crossed the south side of the Agora, even before it became the centre of the City, and which still exists today, beyond the archaeological site. In the 6th century, two significant structures were located at either end of this road: to the west, the main Athens courthouse, the Heliaia, and at the other end, the monumental fountain Pausanias called the Enneakrounos. After the Persian Wars, the Southern Stoa and the Mint of the Athenian Republic were added. During the Hellenistic years, it became the commercial centre of the city, with three colonnaded areas forming a large rectangle open on the west side near the courthouse. Other structures included: a new southern Stoa, aligned with the Heliaia, a small eastern Stoa which was the official entrance to the complex, and a stately Middle Stoa which can still be distinguished by the reddish … Read More

Computer Memory and Behavior Explained

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As with anything known to man, computers are not without their quirks. It seems sometimes that computers almost plan to confuse and frustrate users as there are so many things that could be creating the strange behavior we see. Add to that the multiple forms of memory and the behaviors of each which may choose to exhibit rather strange and unwanted behavior at inopportune times, and you have the mixture for a thoroughly confounding experience.

However, there is no need to panic. Computer memory has a class of characteristics that are unique to it and that can help us further understand why it sometimes acts like it does. These characteristics consist of volatility, mutability, accessibility, and addressability. Throw in capacity and performance, and the mix isn’t that hard to decipher. Armed with this knowledge, we can understand computer memory and assist it in performing better for us.

Some terms we … Read More

Why Do Viruses Slow Down Computers?

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Most people have virus protection installed on their computers. This is a great thing! Many of the virus protection programs around today protect computers against spyware and adware and all other known types of malware as well as viruses. This, too, is a great thing!

The word malware is the quick substitute word for the term “malicious software.” It refers to any type of virus or spyware that can get into your computer. Some years ago, the only kind of malware we had to deal with were computer viruses. The job of a computer virus was always to annoy computer operators to one extent or another.

A Nuisance and a Threat

Some viruses were simply written as jokes. A computer geek may actually write such a script to entertain himself. On the other hand, the purpose of a computer virus may be to kill your computer forever! Even worse the … Read More

Internet Share Trading

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Decades ago, trading of stocks needs to have physical location, floor traders and brokers and the process called gesticulation, for the trading to take place. Nowadays, floor traders and brokers have already been removed from such locations due to the increase of trading online. Internet share trading or internet share dealing means buying and selling of shares via the internet or the web. It is sometimes referred to as E-trading.

Internet trading has grown its popularity due to a number of beneficial results. With online trading, there is ease and convenience in the part of the traders as they do not have to leave home to participate in trading. Secondly, it makes the market more liquid. With the help of the web, anybody and different companies across the globe can be seen and participate in the market as long as they have an internet connection. Furthermore it increases transparency.

With … Read More

How to Get Paper Stock Certificates for Free

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With the decreasing demand for stock certificates there have been more and more restrictions on receiving paper stock certificates. Although difficult and time consuming do not let the complexities stand in front of you getting your certificates. Despite difficulties, in most cases, retrieve decorated paper stock certificates for free. There a are a few people to call that will land you owning the paper copy of your shares and not have to pay for it. In this article we have outlined the steps to receive paper stock certificates for free, or close to free depending on your broker fees.

Your first step will be to retrieve the transfer agent contact information for your company. A transfer agent is the firm a company hires to track its shareholders and handle share processing. When a company goes through any number of share reorganization as in splits, reverse-splits, acquisitions etc. the transfer agent … Read More

How to Get an Inexpensive Or Free Computer Monitor That Rocks

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A personal computer is no good without a good monitor. Sure, computers are great at number crunching but most of the time we are surfing the net, dealing with email, viewing photos or videos and that requires a decent monitor. Many computers come with a monitor but you may want to upgrade, and very often great deals in computers come monitor free. How can you get a really good monitor for not much money, or better yet for free?

Now anyone can plunk down money for a monitor and buy whatever they want, and if you are short o time and long on money this is a reasonable thing to do, but there are plenty of existing monitors out there that won’t cost much.

First of all, older monitors use CRT or Cathode Ray Tube technology and are big, bulky, and heavy, but many of them have large screens and … Read More

Can Computer Monitor Radiation Cause Cancer

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Many computer users needlessly scare themselves about unwarranted fears that their monitors and computer hardware are slowly killing them. The truth, however, is that you will not contract cancer by being exposed to the radiation given off your computer monitor. Neither will you become infertile or suffer from any other debilitating or terminal disease.

Radiation is almost always associated with a negative connotation, but this thinking is based on low awareness. We are exposed to radiation everyday. By definition, radiation is any energy that travels from a source. Light, as well as heat and sound, are types of radiation. In fact, we get a generous serving of ultraviolet radiation every morning from the sun.

Our computer monitors and other electronic devices with screens, such as televisions and mobile phones, give off a certain type of radiation known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). If you care to know, the fluorescent light bulb … Read More

Why Software Engineering Isn’t Like Other Engineering Disciplines and How it Changes the Game

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It has been estimated that there are over 11 million professional software developers world-wide as of 2014. When I started as a programmer in 1973 one of the greybeards in the first company I worked for gave me some advice. He said, “Learn the things that never change.”

When I started college six years earlier in 1967 the school I attended didn’t have a major called Computer Science and so I did my undergraduate and graduate work in Mathematics taking a few computer programming courses along the way. This was the way many of us got started as software developers back in the 70’s.

The term Software Engineering was new at the time, being coined at the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference. The thinking back then was that we needed to apply existing engineering methods to software development to address common budget, schedule and quality problems that were being referred … Read More

How To Fix The 0x0eedfade "Unknown Software Exception" Error On Your PC

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The 0x0eedfade error is a big problem for many Windows PCs which are continually showing the message when they cannot correctly process software or settings that are on your system. The problem with this error is specifically that your PC will try and read the various files it needs to run your software, but will somehow have a problem that will prevent it from being able to correctly process the settings. If you find this problem is showing continually on your system, you can fix it by using the tools & methods which are going to repair any of the problems that your PC may have.

This error is basically caused by the “software” (usually Internet Explorer) on your PC being unreadable and unable to load up. The problem you’re seeing will likely show in this format:

  • “The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x7c812a5b”
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Tips To Hire A Freelance Software Developer For The First Time?

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If you have a software idea that you want to turn into an actual product, you are in the right place. An easy way to achieve your goal is to hire the services of a freelance software developer. Let’s find out how you can hire one.

Who is a Freelancer?

In simple words, a freelance software developer is an independent professional that work remotely for their national or international clients on a project basis. Basically, these professionals are hired based on a temporary contract for a specific set of projects.

Hiring a Professional Yourself

Although hiring the services of a software developer can be a challenge for the first time, this choice has a lot of advantages. Ideally, hiring a software developer yourself is a good idea if you don’t need to work on a large, expensive project.

At first, it may seem scary to hire a professional yourself, but … Read More