Microsoft partners with Qualcomm to help developers make ARM-compatible apps for Windows 10

September 23, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Microsoft has today announced a partnership with Qualcomm under which the company will extend the App Assure with FastTrack testing platform to developers working on developing apps to run well on ARM-based Windows 10.

The App Assure with FastTrack program from Microsoft is available to qualify developers or customers without any cost. For those who are unaware, App Assure is a program designed to help customers, developers, and independent software vendors address application compatibility issues.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

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With this Microsoft and Qualcomm partnership, it seems that the focus will now be on engaging software vendors to come with a version that’s compatible with Windows 10 running on Snapdragon compute platform.

Keith Kressin, SVP & GM, Computing & Edge Cloud, Qualcomm, said: “The future of mobile computing is powerful, thin and light PCs equipped with 4G/5G connectivity, and offer multi-day battery life… We are pleased that the expansion of Microsoft’s App Assure program will help ensure great user experiences across Snapdragon-powered Windows laptops and 2-in-1s.”

This is a major development from Microsoft and Qualcomm given that more PCs are planning to move towards ARM-based chipsets. However, app compatibility issues remain one of the biggest roadblocks but this could help to address those issues.



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