Locating a Simple Issue Tracking System for Monitoring Jobs

May 4, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Organizations are always looking for a way to streamline operations, and one of the best ways to do so is by becoming more organized. Software developers stay organized by using a simple issue tracking system to log bugs as they are discovered and track how employees work to remove them. This system is a collection of lists that the organization uses internally as a task tracking application. Along with detailing the steps that an employee uses to remove a bug, including unsuccessful attempts, these applications can be utilized by leaders to reassign employees to other tasks when needs change. Since employees will have kept a record within the task tracking application of where they are, a newly transferred employee can pick up where someone else left off with minimal transition time. In order for organizations to receive the full benefits of using such a system, with the primary benefit being improved efficiency, organizations must make sure the applications they purchase are not too difficult for employees to use. To keep from purchasing a complex task tracking application:

Verify that the software is hosted

It is becoming more common for companies to place as much of their information technology (IT) infrastructure on the cloud as they can. A hosted, or virtualized simple issue tracking system will save the company money because it does not have to staff a team of IT employees to troubleshoot the software when it stops working. Instead, all issues are addressed by the software developer. Businesses also save money by not having to retain as much data storage hardware on-site, working instead off of a virtualized server that they do not have to pay to acquire, run, and maintain. Finally, employees see added convenience when a company invests in a hosted task tracking application as these programs can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection. This means that employees can work from home if necessary.

Look for customizable programs

Since all companies use these applications in different ways, it is ideal when an organization is able to obtain a customizable task tracking application. These programs will allow the company to change notification messages, shortcuts, titles for input fields, and even the layout of the interface. By working with a customizable program, employees become more productive as they do not have to spend time working around irrelevant pre-sets.

Make sure the developer still updates its program

Ideally a simple issue tracking system will be enabled to receive, automatic free updates to patch security vulnerabilities, eliminate bugs, and provide new features. Companies benefit from the convenience of not having to seek out, purchase, and install updates as they are released, which makes it easier for employees to focus on completing the tasks they are tracking.

When evaluating a task tracking application to determine if it is a simple issue tracking system or a more complex system, organizational leaders can use the tips above to make sure that they are making the right decision. Doing so will improve organizational efficiency and save the company money.