Linux Web Hosting: The Positives and Negatives

May 6, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Linux web hosting is certainly not a new invention. This method of website hosting has existed for some time and it remains highly popular. Yet, while it is highly popular among some website publishers, there are others that have a severe aversion to employing Linux hosting. Why is this so? As with all other things in the world of website, Linux has its positives and its negatives. Examining the pros and cons of Linux website hosting can provide the insight needed to determine whether or not this form of hosting is right for you or if you should pass on it.

Probably the greatest benefit to Linux web hosting be the fact is remains highly reliable. It is not known for crashing or experiencing problems. Granted, problems do arise as no operating system can exist without flaws. That said, Linux remains an open source software which means it can be fixed fairly easily when problems arise.

This leads to another pro with the Linx system. It is easy to procure support when support is needed. That means website publishers are not left hanging when an issue occurs.

In a similar vein, Linux’s open source opens the door to being very flexible for various distributions. That means when web publishers and hosting services need to add things to the system, the system is already set up to integrate such items.

Many people venture into website publishing for commercial reasons. That means their website will need a reliable eCommerce platform integrated into it. Linux is perfect for this which is why so many will look toward Linux when eCommerce is among their prime concerns.

And yes, the cost associated with Linux web hosting is a huge plus. This is probably the thing that attracts people to Linux the most. Really, who does not like a deal? Small business owners that may be on a budget will assuredly be attracted to the cost-effectiveness of Linux.

Does that mean that Linux is perfect and without any flaws? As previously mentioned, no system is perfect and Linux does have a few cons associated with it. Here are a few of its negatives:

Linux is not compatible with Microsoft software since Microsoft produces its own operating system. As such, this can be considered a huge con and one that deters many from signing on with the Linux system.

There is, however, visualization software which can help you use some Microsoft compatible systems. Yet, this may be a con for many because it requires a little bit of skill to operate. Those that are not too computer savvy may wish to pass on trying to navigate such software.

Those with a lot of technical knowledge on website hosting generally prefer the Windows systems since they feel it is more expansive. It would seem “amateur” (for lack of a better word) website publishers may gravitate more towards Linux. If you feel you can handle the advanced function of Windows OS, you probably won’t care much for Linux web hosting.

All systems have their pros and cons. Linux web hosting is no different. Weighing the positives and negatives of Linux is advised prior to making any decisions. You always want the right hosting system for your needs.