Laser Cutting Technology and Its Benefits in Manufacturing Industries

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A Laser machine has the proficiency of using a laser beam to cut materials. This technology is mainly in industrial sectors particularly in the manufacturing applications. This machine functions by coursing the output of a high controlled laser right at the material that is supposed to be sectioned into pieces. Laser fine cutting and the conventional way of cutting are applicable for variegated materials. Usually, there are complex contours which demand fast, accurate and force-free processing. With the help of laser technology slim kerfs and high-precision sections are achievable.

Laser Cutting Technology

In a simple definition, this is a technology which utilizes a laser beam to section precise patterns on all kinds of materials like plastic, metal and paper. It is a kind of subtractive manufacturing method which sections a digital design portion into another piece of sheet material. The process of laser cut is also described as the direction of an effective high-power laser at the material leaving a refined edge with high-quality finish.

This technology is also used in variety of applications and in several industrial uses as high power lasers. With its level of accuracy, increased flexibility and high quality cut techniques; this technology is restoring the conventional machining methods like oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. It is totally free from distortion. Laser machines precisely produce the intense exterior contours. It is one of the best digital making methods that are accessible through Personal Factory.

Valuable Benefits of Laser Cutting

This technology being an advanced process produces perfect virtual cuts in any angle and shape with the help of materials that are fragmented by cutting tools. Given below are some of the advantages of this technology.

• Extremely sharp edge definition

• Flat sheet cutting

• Ability to cut corners, three-dimensional shapes, complex slots and holes which have high repeatability

• 5-axis and 6-axis laser control

• Ultra-low distortion

• Minimum kerf width

• Zero variations due to tool wear

• Fine Cut width

• No cutting lubricants are required

• Low thermal input

• Narrow heat-affected zone

• No mechanical force on work-piece

In addition, to some of these above mentioned advantages, there are a few more benefits to make a note of. Laser cutting technology is easier over mechanical cutting. This is because there is reduced contamination of work-piece and work-holding involved in the entire system. Also, the precision in cutting the material is better, since there is no possibility of the wearing during the process. However, on the flipside the main disadvantage of this process is the high power consumption. This technology is an inexpensive alternative for motor lamination applications. Once the motor core is calculated, the process to replace the motor laminations is processed to bring back the motor core to an operational state.