IT SECRETS REVEALED: Monitor the Monitor

May 4, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Alright, you’ve got your managed service plan in place, don’t you? Month to month, one-two-three year, it doesn’t matter, what matters is someone is taking responsibility for your vital network, the core of your business. And you got the full meal deal, with unlimited support, remote monitoring, help desk, the works.

Isn’t that a comfort knowing that somewhere in an air-conditioned facility a highly skilled technical person is watching that screen for evidence of a problem somewhere in your system? Whew! Glad someone’s on duty, protecting you against computer slowdowns, malware, viruses, software issues and the myriad of other issues that can arise. Right? Well, let’s take a peek into that room and see what’s really going on.

There’s the guy sitting at the desk, excellent! He’s on duty, monitoring away, right? Wait a second, he’s monitoring his Facebook page, loading some pictures of, what? Looks like Girls Gone Wild, frankly. Hmm, yeah that is a good shot. And I guess someone needs to monitor those spring break hotties. They never seem to travel with their chaperones, do they? If mom and dad back in Duluth only knew.

But back to your network and the monitoring that’s supposedly taking place. Are you confident it is? Most monitoring software produces so many alerts that frankly many, not all, but many operations just ignore them. But suppose you take affront to this suggestion which is your right. Would you like to give it a harmless test?

Okay, now understand, we’re not demeaning your vendor, it’s just that we’re on your side here, we’re dedicated to our clients’ success and when it comes to our IT Secrets Revealed program, it’s all about making the IT business transparent. That way you’re far less likely to be bamboozled by IT people who like to talk geek-speak and who, in some cases, control a network for their own benefit rather than yours.

So here’s the plan. Take the network cable on the back of your server some night after everyone’s logged off and disconnect it. Make sure that if someone comes in earlier than you in the morning that you alert them and let then know what you’ve done and why. If they need to use their computer in the morning before you get in show them how to reconnect it so they’re not inconvenienced.

Now when you get in the next day reconnect the network cable if it isn’t already and then make a call to your IT vendor and ask if everything’s okay. If they say yes then asked them if they were aware that your network was disconnected for twelve of the last twenty four hours. That should get some attention. If they’ve already alerted you kudos to them, huh? Just a little test to see if the monitoring is actually taking place. Good luck!