How to Pick the Right Online Charity Management Software for Fundraising

May 3, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

A few decades ago the charity management software was just a tool to manage the members of the non-profits. Today the scenario is different; many software available in the market can be used for both management of members and fundraising strategies.

Choosing a system that can act as an online platform for donation can be a tedious task especially when you are not a tech-savvy person. Even if you do not know about the latest trends and updates in the online charity management software you can still buy the ideal software by getting the answers to some important questions.

Here are the questions to consider before you buy charity software for fundraising

  • Will the Payment Process be Safe for the Donors?

The main aim of online fundraising is not only to get funds from the donors but also to use these funds for the development of people who need it. Look through the charity software’s process of transferring of funds from the donors account. It is important that the fund is protected from loopholes i.e. even if there is an issue in the charity’s technical platform the funds are still safe.

Know the type of payment gateway used by the online charity software and how the donations are stored. Also make sure that the software passes funds into charity’s bank account within the day the donation is made.

  • Is the Software Reliable?

The software you buy is going to help you in performing the core functions of the charity; therefore, you need to evaluate whether it has the potential to serve your organization or not. Before registering charity software check the following points-

1. Are they serving globally?

2. Do they have a good brand image?

3. How long they have been running in the market?

4. How many non-profits have registered to the software?

The above questions will help you to collect information about the credibility and quality of software.

  • How does the Software Adjust to the Technological Developments?

Every day you will find a new feature in the apps and software installed in your gadgets and computers. The charity system should also support the latest features and updates. Before investing into a platform you should not only consider its cost but also the how it adjusts to the changing technology.

Find out the following

  • Does the software send regular updates?
  • Are there ample of tools to help you with the fund raising strategies?
  • Is the software employing the latest technologies?
  • Will it help you to reach new supporters?

Pondering over the above questions will surely help you in the assessment of software to know whether it supports the vital characteristics for the fundraising process of the church. There are some other factors too that you can consider before choosing software depending on the size and functioning of your charity.