How R2-D2 and Your Computer Are Similar!

May 4, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

If you’re a Star Wars fan, did you ever wonder how Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker could communicate to R2D2? Oh sure, in Empire Strikes Back, we saw Luke using a computer monitor to translate R2’s beeps, but that wasn’t always the case. And you know why? Because Luke and Anakin knew their BIOS.

I’ve always turned on my computer and never really wondered about the beeps. Oh, I have when it went out of control, but this article, I think, should be reviewed for all of us who are ignorant of our computer’s BIOS page. BIOS is “Basic Input Output System”. Your computer has three layers. 1.Operating System, 2. Applications or software, 3.) BIOS. BIOS manages all of your hardware on your computer system. It defines all of it’s parameters. So if you would like to turn off a particular device or change the system time or processing speed. It’s done through BIOS. How to acces it is when your system starts up and you’ll see a series of text displayed, acknowledging if BIOS detected any abnormalities. Also before you even see this text, you will hear a beep right after turning the power on. If the beeping continues then a BIOS test failed, and you should find out which fail the BIOS reported. Check your manfacturer’s website on it’s BIOS test pattern.

For example o AMI Beep Code Troubleshooting (AMIBIOS)

AMI BIOS Beep Codes:

Beeps Error Message Description

1 short DRAM refresh failure

The programmable interrupt timer or programmable interrupt controller has probably failed

2 short Memory parity error

A memory parity error has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad

3 short Base 64K memory failure

A memory failure has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad

4 short System timer failure

The system clock/timer IC has failed or there is a memory error in the first bank of memory

5 short Processor error

The system CPU has failed

6 short Gate A20 failure

The keyboard controller IC has failed, which is not allowing Gate A20 to switch the processor to protected mode. Replace the keyboard controller

7 short Virtual mode processor exception error

The CPU has generated an exception error because of a fault in the CPU or motherboard circuitry

8 short Display memory read/write error

The system video adapter is missing or defective

9 short ROM checksum error

The contents of the system BIOS ROM does not match the expected checksum value. The BIOS ROM is probably defective and should be replaced

10 short CMOS shutdown register read/write error

The shutdown for the CMOS has failed

11 short Cache error

The L2 cache is faulty

1 long, 2 short Failure in video system

An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered

1 long, 3 short Memory test failure

A fault has been detected in memory above 64KB

1 long, 8 short Display test failure

The video adapter is either missing or defective

2 short POST Failure

One of the hardware testa have failed

1 long POST has passed all tests

other types of BIOS are:

o Award Beep Code Troubleshooting (AwardBIOS)

o Phoenix Beep Code Troubleshooting (PhoenixBIOS)

I hope this short snippet has enlightened your computing! Remember the BIOS is your friend! Start getting familiar with it. There’s even ways for your computer to have a “wake up” set up, so you don’t have to turn it on yourself!