Handy Accessories For Your AR-15 Rifle

May 2, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

If you are the proud new owner of a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, having the gun to add to your collection is great in and of itself: but pimping it out with all kinds of handy accessories makes it even better! Here is a little taste of the kinds of accessories that are out there in the firearms marketplace.

–Ambidextrous sling point attachment: When carrying your gun over your shoulder, this ingenious little attachment allows you a full range of movement with little to no constriction. Under certain circumstances, you need to be able to switch your sling from one shoulder to another seamlessly and without dealing with binding. An ambidextrous device allows you to do just that.

–Polymer hand guard: When shooting semi-automatics, you need to have the right attachment to keep the heat of the weapon from burning your hand when firing. The standard option was always an aluminum hand rail model; but this can add too much weight to your gun and cost a small fortune. Today’s polymer hand guards are completely heat-resistant, super lightweight and offer similar features to their aluminum counterparts. No sacrifices in function, just less weight at a lower cost.

–Fiber optic front sight: Fiber optics in sights were not the norm when the AR-15 first came on the scene, but today they’re considered an indispensable accessory. A super-clear pinpoint of light allows you to sight your target accurately within short or long-distant ranges and in virtually any kind of ambient lighting conditions.

Part of the fun of firearm ownership is adding to your basic model with all kinds of fun gadgets: so go ahead and enjoy your new AR-15 by decking it out.