Gadgets For Parrots – 7 Fun Supplies For Pet Parrots and Their Owners

May 5, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Owning a Parrot takes a lot of love, time, time, and energy, and having your Parrot’s love and affection makes it all worth it. Of course you supply food, water, and adequate housing, but having the following 7 things can make life easier, healthier and a lot more fun for both of you.

1. Shower Perch-This is a great convenience and makes giving your bird a bath fun and easy. Look for the kind that attach with suction cups for easy positioning, and that have a non-slip surface on the perch. Having several of these would allow your bird to fly from one to the other and catch the mist with you while you shower. Perches should be hinged so they fold out of the way when not in use. Position them so your bird can fly from one to the other and avoid the direct stream of water.

2. Shoulder Cape-If you like having your feathered friend on your shoulder, this can save you money on your clothes budget. The cape helps avoid stains, tears, and picks from beaks and feet.

3. An Extendable Retrieval Perch-How many times has your bird flown off and landed on some high and hard to reach spot in your home?   With a retrieval perch you can put your ladder and chair away and stop risking a possible fall. Many of these perches can extend as long as 50 inches, and wil help keep your bird within reach.

4. Bird Toy Necklace-These colorful necklaces with toys attached will dazzle your parrot and focus their chewing and play in a way that’s fun for them and acceptable to you. You can wear it around your neck, or drape it on furniture in a home office, your exercise room, or outside the cage in your bird area. They come in various sizes to accommodate the smallest Parrotlet to the larger African Greys, Macaws and Cockatoos. Toys can be added and removed easily to keep interest high. If you decide to wear the necklace, it makes it easy to take a fantastic picture with your bird.

5. Bird Harness-If you plan to let your bird fly outside, this will allow flight but the leash will keep him attached to you so he cannot escape or get lost. They are designed to fit medium and large size parrots and come in an array of colors. Try it out inside before venturing outdoors.

6. Digital Scale with Perch-Because Parrots often hide signs of illness, one of the best ways to determine that your bird is healthy is to weigh him regularly. A scale with a perch, a digital readout that is backlit, can run on batteries, and will display in grams or pounds makes weighing your bird a cinch. 

7. HEPA Air Purifier-Parrots, like all birds, generate airborne feathers and dander constantly. The dustier species such as Cockatoos, Macaws, and African Greys generate wing dust-a fine powder that goes everywhere. Dust, feathers, and dander can aggravate those with allergy and asthma, and it can clog your bird’s air passages causing infection and disease. Using a high efficiency particle arresting air purifier in your home will remove these particulates that often carry harmful viruses such as psittacosis. Cleaning the air can only keep you and your parrot healthier.