Fresh Website Content Via RSS

May 2, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

If you are not sure what RSS is, it is nothing more than a technology created in XML that sends out headlines and small blurbs regarding the news. You can send it out across the net to your subscribers, readers, and news feeds. The good news is that the feed is automatic. All you need is the right software to publish your posts to the feed.

Another great thing about RSS is that you can add a feed to your own website that will not only display your headlines, but headlines of other websites that pertain to your content. Of course, you will have to decide which websites or what type of content you want to deliver to your readers.

By providing your visitors with the current news from all across the web, you will see that are actually attracting more targeted traffic. This will add up to more sales or at least more readers according to the purpose of your website.

If you own a store, you can easily add your own products to the feed, place sales, and the latest news gadgets that apply to your products. Once you have the feed set up on your website, you will not have to worry any more about providing fresh content for your readers.

If you do not have the time to update your website every day, the feed will still supply fresh content. This is also a great idea for the search engine spiders. Once these spiders start visiting your website every day and grab those keywords from the feed, you will see improvement in your website rankings, which will also bring more traffic.

Just by adding an RSS feed to your website will not help you gain traffic immediately. As with any type of marketing, you will need to market your new RSS feed. You can find directories to add your feed as well as news websites. When looking for the best content to be added to your feed, you can find a few article directories that offer RSS feeds that can be placed on your website with just a snippet of code, thus fresh new content all the time.

As soon as a new article is placed in the category you have chosen, the title and blurb will appear on your website. This will ensure your readers have new articles to read that pertain to your subject matter.