Dropbox Is A Great Way to Share and Backup Your Files

May 4, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Dropbox is a great new service for transferring, backing up and sharing files. It has become incredibly popular very quickly in technology circles but if you do not keep up with the latest technology and services you may not have heard of it.

Dropbox allows you to create a “dropbox folder” on your computer that looks just like any other folder, the only difference is that files you place in this folder will be synchronized to their web service. These files can the be sent to any other computer with the dropbox client installed. Not only is this good if you have multiple computers and don’t want to carry around a USB drive, you can invite others to share the folder with you. This can allow you to share and collaborate on documents and much more.

Dropbox is incredibly easy to set up, anyone who has used a computer before should be able to manage it. Just visit the Dropbox website to and you can have your account set up in minutes. The free version provides 2GB of storage, this should be more than sufficient if you are just using it for documents. If you need more storage space the are paid options with additional features.

It is also possible to access your dropbox via android, provide a URL for those who don’t want to sign up, password protect your files and much more. So if you haven’t heard of drop box, check it out and sign up for your free account today.