Discover the Power of Following Your Dreams

May 5, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

The world of knowledge is a vast one – from the ant’s busy schedule to the development of microchips and rocket science. But there is much more to this amazing world than erecting mega structures and inventing super gadgets; there is more than can be gotten from books; the knowledge of oneself. It is therefore unfortunate that most people nowadays are too busy to find time for themselves. They have forgotten that behind every development, behind every achievement and behind every revolution is a person. And that person was or is not different from them.

Trouble arrives in measures, and we stack it up real high, until we’re convinced we have no reason to try. If you feel defeated, you are absolutely wrong for if you follow your dream, you could never lose for long. It has always been that way. Ask your mentor, ask that great person you try to emulate – it wasn’t any easier for them. As a matter of fact you may realize that it is much easier for you than it was for them, but they made it. So can you. It’s all a matter of passion and determination. You cannot lose by following your dream, because you will never run dry. This is because you are not depending on external sources for strength. If you are doing what you were meant to do, you will always have strength no matter what. It will always be with you even at your worst or most discouraging time. That is the advantage of following your heart.

Someone said that brick walls are there for a reason. They are not to keep you off; they are just providing you with an opportunity to prove how badly you want something. There was a certain young man who really needed a job at a particular departmental store. At that time he had to apply using hand-written letters, as was the Company policy. This store had three hundred and ninety three stores all over the country. He therefore wrote three hundred and ninety three letters, each before going to bed. He then sent to each individual manager. Time went by and three months later, there was still no response. He was so demoralized that he decided to leave it altogether and try another job. He however couldn’t let go of his dream and whenever he got to bed all he could see was himself working there.

The next day he visited the nearest store, got to the manager and inquired about his letter. The manager explained that all applications were handled in the main office, which was a great distance from where he lived. He however used his savings and took a train to where the headquarters were. Upon inquiry, the beaming manager told him that he had received all three hundred and ninety three letters, and he knew that whoever had the determination to write such, would have the determination to go in person. The young man got the job and he not only became the manager of that particular store but the entire region as well. That young man and many others are examples of people who followed their hearts and eventually made it.

It doesn’t matter where you are, who you are or what others think of you. Your inner self is much greater and given the chance, you can make a difference to yours and other people’s lives. Albert Einstein said use what you have where you have it. Success is within reach; all you have to do is stretch and take hold of it. And if you follow your dream, nature will always be on your side. Brick walls will always be there, but they are there to stop those who don’t want success as badly as you want it. Let nothing darken the way. You can change you tomorrow, if you seek your dream today.