Creative Ways to Build Your Professional Network

September 24, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Company happy hours, exchanging business cards at college alumni events, meeting up with an old colleague—these are just some of the ways that we used to network in person. Since these events are a lot less common these days, it’s a great time to get creative and tap into the online side of networking…and this is definitely the time to network! You may find that your potential connections are much more likely to respond, especially to “cold call” networking emails. “I recommend setting time aside every day to come up with a dream list of people to network with, and start sending those cold e-mails to initiate a connecting conversation on Zoom or by phone,” says Ashley Stahl, SoFi career expert. “Always remember to ask how you can support them as well so that you remain a giver in your network.” That’s a key aspect to remember. People want authentic connections, so make sure you invest in your contacts and pay it forward.

People are thriving by tapping into digital resources to not only keep their current network alive, but also expand it. Whether you’re looking to grow your network because you’re out of work, or just looking to build up your professional network for future opportunities, resources like LinkedIn are proving invaluable. If you’re out of work, this is also a great time to stop and figure out what you’re passionate about. You may find that making a career pivot will open up new avenues for you to pursue as you form relationships with your peers. Here are some other creative ways to build your professional network…

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