Computer Monitors – Acer X243HQ Review

May 2, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

The Acer X243HQ is a magnificent monitor for those who enjoy pc gaming. It is a large 23.6″ in size and supports High Definition imagery such as Blue-Ray Disk formats and High Definition games. It also comes with a HDMI Adapter which enables it to be used with High Definition gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360! The thin design is eye catching while also being space friendly.

This fantastic monitor is also cheaper than most of its competitors and I highly recommend this monitor to any person interested in PC gaming or digital home media.

I have had the privilege of owning one of these beauties for around 5 months now. I have had no problems with the performance of the monitor or the support from Acer. Being a gamer myself, I have played numerous games while testing my graphics card and my monitor to see where its performance lies. It has certainly not disappointed when I have pushed the graphics to the limit, showing all textures and lighting as if I was there. This monitor also produces a great image when playing High Quality Movies and Blue Ray movies. The colors shown are far from pixilated and everything on screen looks sharp and crisp. The large 23.6″ monitor supports 1920 x 1080 resolutions while also supporting a refresh rate of 75Hz, more than enough for any average house hold.

When dealing with prices, you have to compare to the products main competitors.

The Acer X243HQ’s main competitors in my opinion are of the 24″ monitors produced by Dell, Samsung, Benq. The cheaper Benq offers many of the features the X243HQ has although I don’t like the glossy edging which produces glare when a light source is shone on it. It also doesn’t look as “sexy” as the Acer with its round base. Acer X243HQ computer monitors are also cheaper than the 23.6″ Samsung 2494HS although it does not offer speakers in the monitor. If it is being used for a home theatre or for gaming though we all know that these kinds of monitor speakers will not suffice. Overall, this monitor is valued at $239 Australian at MSY… A bargain in my eyes.

If you ever have the money to buy one of these monitors then I suggest you buy one as soon as you can! This monitor will mainly be for those who are using their computer for gaming purposes and I have to re-assure you that this is an excellent computer monitor with fantastic support from Acer.