Christmas Gifts for Men 2010 – Top 3 Electronic Gadgets for Men 2010

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What Christmas Gifts for Men are the MOST Popular this Year?

According to, the following Christmas Gifts for Men 2010, are argued to be the Top 3 Hippest Gadgets and most in demand products selling this year, predicting them to be top the rankings in online sales over the coming months.

Electronic Products:

The three most popular electronic gadgets for men this year will potentially be the Kindle DX, Bushnell’s LCD Digital Camera Binoculars and the Panasonic Portable DVD player.

For a quick over view, let’s see what they essentially have to offer.

1 – The Kindle DX

The Kindle DX is selling like hot cakes and Amazon is taking no shame about blatantly promoting it on their website along with all other Kindles.

The Kindle DX is argued to be the DADDY of Kindle’s range of portable reading devices.


Perfect for reading large documents like newspapers, magazines, pdf’s etc. This is its strength. It’s size.

Could potentially dictate how students conduct there studies as the all round benefits that can be had for educational purposes are outstanding.


Only black and white; no memory card slot so unable to increase size and the fact that everything’s grouped together in the menu is frustrating. Future upgrades should definitely fix this as the ability to not file pdf’s, images, word docs etc into their own specific department is annoying.

2 – Bushnell’s LCD Digital Camera

Not quite sure why these top men’s websites are including this as user reviews aren’t particularly that favourable.

Anyhow, in terms of a gadget, it’s a pretty sweet piece of kit, allowing you to not just bird watch or zoom in to sports matches but film them at the same time.


The optics of the binoculars are described by some people who have purchased this on Amazon as absolutely amazing. Potentially worth the price they paid for it alone.

Additionally it’s also slim and very portable.

You can also add extra memory (which is a given now of course), but you will need it as internal memory is only 16mb – at high resolution when filming that won’t last more than 90 seconds.


Only 2.1 Mega Pixel. You would have to set it to high resolution to get quality from it.

Parts of the camera are argued to be quite light weight.

If your eyes are set narrowly apart this is not for you. Due to the camera and the LCD in the middle you may not be able sink your eyes into the eye-cups so no good for kids either.

3 – Panasonic LA-95 Portable DVD player

This is perfect for keeping the kids quiet on long journeys or yourself occupied on those long haul flights or back-packing bus journeys.


It’s size. The LA95 is an upgrade of the LV-75 and packs a powerful punch for visual and audio quality.

The Battery will last a good 2.5 for film and much more if it’s just audio etc.


The price. Bit steep at around $400. The LV-75 is still argued to be an engineering marvel and is somewhat cheaper if a little smaller. The pixel count for both is the same, so you essentially get the same quality.