Choosing the Right Custom Software Developer

May 2, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Whether it’s a well-established company or a brand new start-up, choosing a custom software developer isn’t always a walk in the park. There are several things to consider before investing a large amount of money that can significantly impact the business. These considerations aren’t only for the developer either, but for the customer as well.

What’s Important to the Company

First and foremost, if a company is in need of software development, it must determine its own requirements before trying to find out who can help. It would be impossible to venture out into the wide world of development without any idea of what needs to be accomplished. For example, if massive data storage is the number one priority, then that should be determined before looking at companies that don’t offer cloud computing. Determining these needs early can save a lot of time (and money) further into the search process.

What to Look for in a Software Developer

Once the company’s needs are established, then suiting a development partner is appropriate. Unfortunately, it’s not like flipping through the Yellow Pages (do those even exist anymore?). Knowing important characteristics of potential developers can help avoid a long, painfully expensive road, and can be found with a little research. The most important things to look for in a developer are:

History – The developer should have extensive experience in related engagements with a successful track record.

Customer Satisfaction – The developer should have a proven history of being able to satisfy all customer needs.

Compatibility – The developer should be able to work well with its customers to not only deliver them the product, but prepare them for the future beyond the engagement.

What Separates the Best from the Rest

Once determining the competency of a software developer, sifting out the best of the best is the next step. Certain companies have that “x” factor that can help bring additional value and purpose. Every developer has the ability to “speak technology,” but can they do more than that? If they are the crème de la crème, they should be able to benefit on the business side, in addition to solving technological needs. Because customers are often unsure of their own business needs, the ability of a software developer to determine them can prove invaluable. This ability can be the difference between a competent developer and an excellent one.

When a company is facing mission-critical needs, it’s of utmost importance to find the best solution the first time around. Knowing what to look for and taking the time to qualify candidates can save a company a lot of money and significantly better prepare it for the future.