Chic Computer Glasses That Won’t Strain Your Eyes Or Your Budget

May 3, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

Along with the ubiquitous power suit and Blackberry, the latest must-have business accessory is a pair of chic computer glasses. Much more than merely a fashion accessory, computer glasses are the answer to the increasing problem of eye strain caused by continually staring at a computer screen, as so many of us have to do these days.

Research sourced from both business and medical institutes across the developed world are citing eye strain and the associated problems that occur as one of the major business-related health issues of our generation. With up to 90% of workers suffering some form of visual strain, it is certainly a cause for concern. In fact, the problem is so widespread that medical experts have coined a phrase for it – CVS or computer vision syndrome.

The most frequently reported problems include difficulty with focus, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and watery or dry, sensitive eyes.

CVS is caused by a number of factors, including glare from the computer screen and reflected glare from nearby windows or bright surfaces. Methods to overcome this problem include directing your computer monitor away from windows or keeping the windows covered with drapes or blinds and using matte paint in a colour other than white on the walls.

As our offices become more eco-conscious, harsh fluorescent bulbs are gradually being replaced with low intensity bulbs or tubes. Low energy lighting not only helps reduce carbon emissions, it is also vision-friendly by reducing reflected glare from overhead lighting.

If the glare from overhead or outdoor lighting can’t be reduced, consider using a computer hood.

Another important factor to consider in preventing CVS is whether you have an older style monitor with a cathode ray tube (CRT). LCD screens are much easier on your eyes and usually come with an anti-reflective coating.

Thankfully, spectacle manufacturers have listened to the moans and groans from countless office workers and are developing a wide range of reading glasses specially adapted for computer glare. And what’s more, many of the latest styles in computer glasses are not only good for your eyes, they look good on your eyes.

Computer glasses, or monitor glasses as they are often called, have been developed for computer users and people who work in artificially lighted environments. The glasses have specially created reflective filters that can block up to 85% of glare and they generally have an amber or yellow tinted lens to offset the blue-white light from fluorescent bulbs.

A handy feature many eyewear retailers also have available is flexible computer glasses, which can be folded flat to easily fit in a pocket, small handbag or the glove compartment – a bonus for busy office workers.

What’s more, most flexible computer glasses are extremely lightweight so they are comfortable to wear all day and they come in a range of dioptric powers, from +1.00 to +3.00, so you can throw away your old reading glasses.

So say goodbye to heavy optical frames that leave indents in the side of your nose and say hello to the new computer glasses that almost make it a joy to have to sit in front of a computer monitor from morning until night…or maybe not!