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How To Avoid Website Downtime While Changing Your Hosting Provider?

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When you buy a web hosting service, you assess your site’s requirements, growth plans and choose a reliable provider that offers a package that is best suited to it. Typically, new site owners choose a shared hosting plan as it is affordable and allows them to get started in no time. However, in shared web hosting, the server is shared between multiple users. The server is run and managed by the hosting provider. Also, if you face technical issues with web hosting, the provider offers support to ensure uninterrupted services. Sometimes, a hosting provider fails to meet your requirements, and it starts affecting your site’s performance. These are the times when changing the hosting provider becomes a viable solution. However, when you switch web hosts, you need to move your site content and recreate all settings on the new server. It usually involved downtime. Today, we will offer some Read More

Realme 5 is the top smartphone brand that is very busy with buyers

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Realme 5 performed brilliantly by putting forward its trident of excellence; camera, battery and performance

New companies such as Realme are among the brands that are aggressively tempting the public in this segment. If last year their best device in this class was Realme 3, this time the crown was moved to Realme 5.


Quad Camera PowerHero “, Realme labels this device. This nickname is legitimately pinned due to the fact that Realme 5 is the first device in Indonesia to have a camera configuration like this and a price of under two million. There is a standard sensor 12MP, ultra wide 8MP, depth. 2MP, and 2MP macro.Check and re-check, all the most vital lenses are on this smartphone.

And when tested, the results are very spectacular (in its class). Apart from the saturation level that is still excessive in all shooting scenarios, the color accuracy and sharpness are Read More

MilesWeb VPS Hosting: The Best Managed VPS Hosting Provider of 2021

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In Virtual Private Servers (VPS), there are hypervisors that offer bare-metal or operating system level virtualization for partitioning the hardware so that the web server resources are used efficiently in a data center.

“Bare-metal” or Type-1 hypervisors are considered for offering improved data isolation for security in file storage and allow to run any type of Linux, Windows, BSD, etc. on the operating system. Type-2 or “hosted” hypervisors copy virtualization at the OS kernel level and are used with several managed VPS or cloud hosting plans.

You will find plenty of open source Linux virtualization platforms based on KVM, while Microsoft has Hyper-V with Windows cloud servers, Citrix maintains the Xen server framework, and VMware has a different hypervisor frameworks such as ESXi. With the help of hypervisors, it becomes easy to manage multiple web servers independently on shared hardware each with file storage, isolated databases, and I/O request processing.Read More

Overview of the Best Cloud Service Providers

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A cloud service provider is a term that refers to various cloud-based or internet service provider platforms. This service was developed for provide easy and affordable access to Information Technology applications and resources without the need for infrastructure or internal hardware. Starting from document collaboration, checking email, and all of them are cloud services commonly used in the world of work. Either the users realize it or not.

Cloud service providers work with the management performed by cloud computing and/or service vendors. They are in charge of providing the server and all other systems so that the company does not have to provide hosting and other equipment on its own. But of all these things, of course, all of this can be customized. We need to know that cloud service providers have many advantages or advantages.

In this article, we will discuss a little about the advantages of using cloud Read More

Is Reseller Hosting a Profitable Business Option in India?

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Reseller Hosting in India has gained popularity as the easiest way to get into the web hosting business. People who want to start a hosting business, but do not have enough capital, take up Reseller Hosting as the first step towards achieving their original goal. There are numerous web Hosting Resellers offering a crazy choice of Reseller Hosting plans to choose from. So you will face some competition. But that is true for any business. Your business won’t grow without some competition. It nurtures your business and enables it to flourish.

If you’re serious about starting your own Reseller Hosting business, choose cPanel Reseller Hosting. It bundles a powerful control panel that lets you interact with your website and hosting environment. It also makes your job easier by simplifying bewildering technical procedures such as taking backups and creating web hosting plans. It lets you earn appreciable revenue with minimum Read More

How U.S. Army’s Billion-Dollar Gamble On Drone Defense Could Go Wrong

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The U.S. Army has just put more than a billion dollars into a new air defense system called IM-SHORAD to protect soldiers from drone attacks. It is a vital mission – but the last time the Army tried to develop something like this the project failed horribly. And even if the new system works as intended, serious questions remain.

The U.S. has enjoyed air superiority, if not air supremacy, in every conflict for decades. American planes have swept the enemy aircraft from the sky or destroyed them on the ground. The last time an American soldier was killed by enemy air attack was during the Korean War. As a result, while the Russians and others have continued to develop generations of armored vehicles carrying surface-to-air missiles

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Just Eat Takeaway doubled its orders in Canada. It’s coming for the US next

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Just Eat said on Wednesday that orders in Canada — where it operates as Skip The Dishes — rose by 98% to 23.5 million in the third quarter compared with the same period last year.

Canadians have been used to picking up food from restaurants rather than having it delivered to their homes. But that appears to be changing, encouraged by restrictions imposed during the pandemic and lockdowns that kept people at home.

“We are now transforming that pick-up culture into a delivery culture, that’s why it’s growing so quickly,” Just Eat’s investor relations manager Joris Wilton told CNN Business, adding that the second quarter had seen similar levels of growth.

A big increase in the selection of meals offered by restaurants also helped, making consumers more likely to order food more often, he said.

Just Eat, which was formed through a high-stakes merger last year, is
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The stock market is sending signals that a Biden-led blue wave is getting less certain, says one Wall Street strategist

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  • While the polls suggest a blue wave victory is in reach for Democrats this November, the stock market isn’t so sure, according to a note from Evercore ISI.
  • Wall Street strategists have been forecasting that a blue wave would likely be positive for stocks on hopes of a large stimulus deal shortly after the election, which would help spur a surge in value and cyclical stocks.
  • But this week’s rotation out of value and into tech suggests that chances of a blue wave in November are less likely, according to the note.
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Wall Street is increasingly expecting a blue wave victory for Democrats this November after the polls close, which would likely lead to the reflation trade: a surge in cyclical and value stocks at the expense of technology and growth stocks.

But recent trading activity in the stock market suggests

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How JPMorgan and BlackRock are thinking of playing fund manager M&A

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  • Top brass from JPMorgan and BlackRock, among the firms to kick off earnings season with their results, said Tuesday that they expect more consolidation in the wealth- and asset-management industries.
  • Pressures on money managers have fueled a flurry of acquisitions in those areas this year, and analysts questioned executives about their own deal ambitions, albeit coming from different corners of the market. 
  • JPMorgan boss Jamie Dimon said the bank would be “very interested” in deals in that space, and BlackRock finance chief Gary Shedlin said the firm was focused on targets that could expand its technology, global distribution, and private markets capabilities.
  • Last week, Morgan Stanley said it would buy investment manager Eaton Vance in a deal valued at $7 billion just days after it closed on its E-Trade acquisition. 
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Top brass at the world’s largest asset manager and largest US bank told

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Faraday Future Completes Bridge Financing to Push Forward Production of Its All-electric FF 91 Luxury Vehicle

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  • Amended Bridge Financing Includes up to $45 Million in New Senior Secured Financing

  • Birch Lake Fund Management LP, Which Led Senior Bridge Financing Facility in 2019, Returns to Support Faraday Future


Faraday Future (FF), a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, today announced that it has completed the expansion and extension of the senior bridge financing facility put in place in 2019 to support the completion and launch of its flagship FF 91 EV and continue development of the mass-market FF 81. The amended bridge facility includes new senior secured financing of up to $45 million, which matures in October 2021.

As part of the expanded and extended financing agreement, Birch Lake, a Chicago-based merchant bank, has returned to support FF as the majority purchaser of the new senior secured financing. The principals of Birch Lake and co-investor, ATW Partners, a New York-based private equity firm, bring extensive experience

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