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Gadget Guard Offers Unbreakable Strength and Unrivaled Protection for iPhone 12 Models – Press Release

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NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah–(Business Wire)–The world is finally getting a look at the next generation of iPhones and customers can now order Gadget Guard screen protectors in time to protect their new devices. For a limited time, those who buy the Black Ice screen protectors will get 50% off all other accessories.

Gadget Guard’s improved Black Ice Flex screen protectors are available for all new models Apple announced yesterday – iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Black Ice Flex for iPhone 12 is infused with an EPA registered additive that extends the life of the screen protector by inhibiting microbe growth that could cause staining or surface deterioration.

The protectors may also be purchased with up to $250 in device screen insurance. A Privacy Edition is also available to protect your sensitive on-screen data. The Privacy Edition allows users to keep others

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Bars, restaurants, patrons all taking precautions as restrictions are eased

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Restaurants are adapting to a new normal including returning to full capacity with social distancing and masks to keep customers and employees as safe as possible.

Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer are all still realities for those looking for a night out on the town, capacity limits at restaurants and bars are not. Bar owners say it’s another step towards recovery while others are questioning the decision to ease restrictions.

Restaurants and bars are officially operating at full capacity for the first time since March. Some say the change in restriction is too early.

“I don’t think that we should be opening restaurants at all, I don’t think it’s really smart to do full capacity right now,” says tourist Daniel Wear.

Like so many others, Wear says COVID-19 has kept him out of public settings since the pandemic began.

“My mom has pre-existing conditions, my

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Bad Coaching in the NFL: Farewell to Quinn-Sanity!

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The Atlanta Falcons have fired Dan Quinn, and while we wish him well, the C’mon Coach community has been dealt another crushing blow to content.

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Aaron Rodgers did not really draw the Atlanta Falcons defense offsides by shouting “HARD COUNT” at the line of scrimmage. But he absolutely could have.

The Falcons finally fired head coach Dan Quinn on Monday after an 0-5 start that provided comedic memories which will last a lifetime: the onside kick of wonder and mystery, back-to-back epic fourth-quarter meltdowns, enough defensive lapses to fill a Pop Warner blooper reel, and a moment when it really sounded like the opposing quarterback purposely embarrassed the Falcons defense by announcing “I am about to fake you out” and then faking them out.

Under Quinn’s deteriorating leadership, the 2020 Falcons went from poorly coached to uncoached to apparently anti-coached. Their defense played like 11 of

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The best tech of 2020: meet TechRadar’s Product of the Year award winners

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Before we close out the year we felt it was our duty – and it’s our pleasure – to pick out what we think is the very best tech of 2020: the 30 most impressive and/or groundbreaking devices we’ve reviewed across 30 categories.

Our list includes the best laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV, fitness tracker, headphones, and a host of other products, with the list of winners whittled down from the hundreds of products our team has tested over the last 12 months.

The goal of this list is three-fold: first, we want to help you pick the best products, period – that’s TechRadar’s mantra, after all. Second, we want to highlight the best tech in the industry, celebrating the innovation and vision of the world’s top tech companies. And lastly, consider this a time capsule – a snapshot of the best tech of today against which future devices and gadgets

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Snow Teeth Whitening:Read Critical Report Before Using It

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10/12/2020, Chicago // KISSPR //

The reasons for tooth discoloration are generally diverse and multifaceted. They had been categorised as extrinsic, intrinsic, and internalised discoloration. Extrinsic discoloration is related to using tea, coffee, tobacco, a few ingredients along with blueberries, and pink wine. Intrinsic stains can be because of systemic conditions, use of medicinal drugs after the everlasting enamel have erupted or at some stage in their development (tetracycline), adolescence diseases, infection, or trauma to a number one teeth even as the underlying teeth is developing, trauma to everlasting teeth, or herbal getting older modifications and the buildup of stain that has entered the enamel. Adjust below for the best cost Snow Teeth Whitening and give it away before the supplies sell out!

There is a boom in the affected person consciousness of the capacity to enhance the advent in their discoloured enamel. Not simplest those sufferers are in search

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Tygers win playoff game without their QB, head coach

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MANSFIELD – Sean Adams didn’t mince words.

He wasn’t exaggerating when he so passionately reminded his Mansfield Senior Tygers afterwards of how they valiantly overcame a “(boat)load of adversity” in Friday night’s playoff football game. 

They were again without head coach Chioke Bradley, forced to take a leave of absence the last two weeks, along with his son, Mekhi, a two-way starter, to deal with a family issue. Adams, in his ninth year as defensive coordinator, has been in charge in the interim.

Adversity? The Tygers found out just hours before hosting Sylvania Southview at

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Facebook will ban political ads after polls close on election night

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Notably, Rosen did not say how long the temporary ban would be in effect. “We will notify advertisers when this policy is lifted,” he wrote. The New York Times reports that the new rules come as Facebook executives have discussed comments from President Donald Trump that he may not accept the results of the election if he loses. The company previously said it would ban new political ads in the week leading up to November 3.

Facebook will notify users that votes are still be counted ahead of official election results.


In addition to the new restrictions on political ads, Facebook said that it would take down claims “calls for people to engage in poll watching when those calls use militarized language or suggest that the goal is to intimidate, exert control, or display power over election officials or voters.” Trump previously told his supporters that they should “watch” the polls on election day, which has worried some election officials and civil rights groups. 

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Watch Dogs Legion Preview Impressions

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The first thing I noticed about Watch Dogs Legion was that I was driving on the wrong side of the road.

The second thing I noticed is that it’s not too much different from the first two entries, but that’s hardly a problem when Watch Dogs is my favorite of Ubisoft’s big budget open world franchises. The games are so distinct personality-wise from Ubisoft’s other fare, especially the po-faced Tom Clancy games. And there’s just something about saving the world with nothing but some weapons and a cell phone that’s just really engrossing. As for Watch Dogs Legion, it looks like it’s going to be yet another fun, tech-filled romp, provided you’re okay with a few hiccups along the way.

At least, that’s the impression I got when Ubisoft invited Heavy to remotely demo a pre-release build of the game for three and a half hours. You might want

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A smarter, more capable Flippy robot knows how to fry 19 things

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“You can see why closing up shop is really the only option for many once your revenue is coming from delivery orders,” he continued. “There’s just so much pressure on the bottom line.”

That’s why the company announced on Tuesday that it is making the latest iteration of Flippy available commercially across the globe. But this isn’t the Flippy that we saw at White Castle in July. This one is smarter, more capable and armored against airborne infection.

To start, the company has streamlined its proprietary ChefUI software, to “assist kitchen workers with operational interactions and workflow,” according to a Tuesday blog post. With this system, food workers will be able to see not only which orders are queued up for cooking but, thanks to the integration of Intel RealSense depth cameras, can also monitor the food’s internal temperature, guard against undercooked foods from making it out the kitchen, and

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Chiefs’ high-octane offense has wide variety of playmakers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The previous time Eric Fisher can recall catching a touchdown pass was during his junior season at Stoney Creek High School in Rochester, Michigan, when his old coach would run a jumbo package at the goal line and he would line up at tight end.

That was about a dozen years, 100 pounds and a million miles from where Fisher found himself Monday night.

In perhaps the best example yet of the creativity of the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense, coach Andy Reid had drawn up a play that had Fisher — the high school linebacker-turned-Pro Bowl offensive tackle — lining up as eligible.

And when the ball was snapped to Patrick Mahomes, the 315-pounder managed to slip into the end zone completely undetected by the Baltimore Ravens defense, which could only watch aghast as Fisher clamped his big mitts around the touchdown pass.

“Coach Reid

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