Benefits of Microfiber for Screen Cleaning

May 5, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

When cleaning your computer monitor or TV, do not use Kleenex, paper towels, sponges or other coarse towels as these materials may contain abrasives that can scratch the surface coatings as and leave lint on your screen.

Microfiber cloths are an essential accessory for keeping all types of different screens clean. Due to its ability to clean without scratches or streaks one of its niche markets is screen cleaning. Used properly microfiber cloths will effectively clean any type of screen without damaging the screen or leaving streaks.

Microfiber cloths are:

• washable

• environmentally friendly

• can hold up to 7X their weight in liquid

• quick to dry

• can pick up 97% of surface germs and bacteria

Microfiber is an amazing material that has found many purposes in a wide variety of industries.

There are many types of microfiber cloths. The type of weave and process used to make some microfiber cloths can cause them to be quite linty: terry, suede and chamois for example. Silky, diamond weave, checkered and bubble looped tend to be less linty.

Silky cloths are ideal for screen cleaning and are also a popular choice for lens cleaning. They are washable, reusable and long lasting. These cloths have a closed and very tight weave, creating a low lint cloth. Silky cloths are the most popular cloth type used for promotional use.

Because microfiber cloths can last for years, custom printed promotional cloths (usually 7 x 6″ size is good for a lens cloth) are a great way for businesses to advertise. This is where the business logo and basic contact information is printed or heat stamped directly onto the cloth. This is a viable marketing strategy to drum up business and keep the name of their business in their customer’s hands. These make excellent handouts for at conventions or make a nice addition to product kits.

Diamond weave cloths have a tight uncut weave with very low lint making it an excellent choice for screen cleaning, dusting, and fingerprint removal. Additional uses: cleaning glass, windows, mirrors and lens surfaces and lab, hospital and industrial environments. They are washable, reusable, and long lasting.

Checkered cloths consist of a continuous loop with open space weave which puts them in the lower lint category. These clothes hold onto dust particles and do not just push them around. They can be used for automotive, general, glass, windows, mirror, home, kitchen, bath, lab, hospital, and screen cleaning. Checkered clothes work well to get rid of oily fingertips from a screen surface.

Bubble looped cloths have excellent cleaning efficiency, making them highly versatile and suitable for many different types of applications: general cleaning around the home, kitchen and bath as well as great for automotive, glass, window and mirror cleaning. Often used in labs and for hospital cleaning and screen cleaning. The cloth contains large loops with the ability to grab and hold dirt and dust particles. It is a very durable and high quality low lint cloth. It can clean any type of screen or surface and makes a great washcloth for personal hygiene.

Terry cloths are best for automotive /car cleaning and general cleaning. Terry looped cloths feel and look like very soft terry cloth. The longer nap is great for cleaning into keyboards, equipment air vent areas, office areas, and general use around the home.

Suede cloths are a great all-purpose cloth choice for:

• general cleaning

• screen cleaning

• lab and hospital cleaning

• glass, window and mirror cleaning

• industrial and automotive cleaning

Suede microfiber cloths have a tight weave but brushed surface that makes them feel soft. These are safe to use on computer screens, but the material is somewhat lintier. It holds onto dust particles instead of pushing them around. The suede cloth is most versatile can be used for computer screens, TV screens, monitors, camera bodies and accessories, office and lab equipment, game machines, personal electronics, glass and plastic polishing.

Chamois cloths are perfect for cleaning plastic surfaces, making them ideal for automotive and car cleaning, along with general cleaning. The soft material will gently buff away smudges, fingerprints, and streaks from glossy, hard, and smooth surfaces.