Be Interesting! 10 Fascinating Conversation Topics

May 5, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

A good conversationalist has a robust portfolio of fascinating topics they can draw on to lead a mediocre chat into a memorable and fascinating discussion. Transhumanism Transhumanism is the technological, societal, ideological move to mental and physical human immortality. It’s coming a whole lot sooner than you think. Checkout the documentary film series Technocalyps or Google technological singularity Obscure WWII Facts The second world war is full of fascinating episodes that make for interesting conversation.

  • Fanta (the fun, fruity soda) was actually invented specifically for the Nazis, look it up.
  • The United States actually employed the notorious American-Italian gangster Lucky Luciano twice during the war. First to guard the docks of new york city from a Nazi submarine attack and then after he was deported to Sicily he paved the way for American forces to land.
  • During the Pacific Campaign the US used Navajo American Indians as code talkers to prevent messages about tactical movements being intercepted. Their code was never broken during the war.

Technology News Most people use technology all day, every day so it’s always relevant and interesting. If you want to watch an interesting documentary of evolution of the internet check out The Virtual Revolution. Keep an eye on TechCrunch and Mashable. History Life is stranger than fiction. History is filled with all sorts of fascinating antidotes that make for interesting conversation. For example:

  • Nokali Tesla predicated the internet in the early 1900’s
  • Checkout the story of Edward Shackleton, who’s epic failure to cross Antarctica won him a place in the cosmos (literally!). Checkout the film The Endurance – Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition
  • Did you know that the knights Templar invented modern banking?
  • Did you know that Caligula, the most corrupt Roman Caesar had a boat with heated marble floors? Yes, heated marble floors
  • There is an apparently man made pyramid in Bosnia with is larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt

As opposed watching the garbage that passes for prime time television check out these shows Rome – An amazing portrayal of Rome during the time of its greatest Caesar The Tudors – Of medieval Europe Interesting Geographic Facts

  • Did you know the largest living organism on earth is the great barrier reef?
  • Google ‘Door to Hell’ in Uzbekistan
  • For a real mind bender look up what a ‘gravity hill’ is

Conspiracy Theories People will think you are a little crazy if you introducing yourself and declare that 911 was an inside job (even though there is a lot of evidence for this…). But conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact can make for great conversation. Here’s some examples

  • How the Rothchilds used the battle of Waterloo to crash the British stock market
  • Did you know that some of the founding members of the CIA where Nazis? Watch the documentary The CIA & the Nazis
  • There is an elaborate conspiracy theory about how Adolf Hitler escaped to Argentina at the end of WWII, underwent plastic surgery and you can still visit the old hotel his ghost haunts!
  • The Earth is Hollow – Yep this is actually a very developed theory.

Economics History If you’ve ever got a couple of hours to kill check the fascinating series The Ascent of Money Marketing Psychology We are bombarded with marketing and advertising all day long and it seems to come up frequently in conversation. Many people have no idea of the depth and evolution of the science behind marketing. Check out The Century of Self. Science Fiction Checkout Top 10 Sci Fi Inventions that Should not be Invented. Quantum Physics Checkout the Slit Experiment, fascinating stuff.