Amazing Gadgets – The Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder

May 6, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

“Keep it simple stupid” and that is just what Pure Digital Technologies ( did when it produced the Flip Video Camcorder a couple of years ago with only eight buttons. This small San Francisco based company produced the model F130W that would record up to 30 minutes of video with 512MB of internal memory (MRP $119.99). A second Flip Video camera model F160W was capable of 60 minutes of video with 1GB of internal memory (MRP $149.99). The Flip was first offer at Target but now you can get them at Best Buy and even Wal Mart. At Wal Mart the F130W is now $98.84 and $117.84 for the F160W.

This year and just in time for Christmas giving 2007 is the Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder. Once again produced in a 30 minute and 60 minute model. The model F230W (MRP $149.99) is the 30 minute Flip and compared to the F260W (MRP $179.99) the internal memory is greater (1GB). Both models can be purchased through several on-line retailers but we found that Wal Mart had the best price at $119.54 for the 30 minute F230W and $149.54 for the 60 minute F260W. The F230W and F260W Flip does not replace the F130W and F160W. You can still buy these Flip’s at a lower cost now.

The flip makes it simple to share your video’s with built in software that is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Mac. You can organize, edit and share in just a few simple steps. All you do is flip out the USB arm and plug into your Desk Top PC or Laptop. The software also make it incredibly simple to publish your video directly YouTube and AOL Video.

Accessorize your Flip Video Ultra Camcorders with soft pouches that protects in style. Is your USB port hard to reach? Pure Digital Technologies provides long USB cables. One really cool accessory is the “Action Mount” that can be mounted just about anywhere for hands free use of your Flip including handlebars, helmets and other gear. Shoot steady video with a Flip Video tripod. Available only on the Flip Ultra.