Month: June 2021

How To Avoid Website Downtime While Changing Your Hosting Provider?

By [email protected]_84

When you buy a web hosting service, you assess your site’s requirements, growth plans and choose a reliable provider that offers a package that is best suited to it. Typically, new site owners choose a shared hosting plan as it is affordable and allows them to get started in no time. However, in shared web hosting, the server is shared between multiple users. The server is run and managed by the hosting provider. Also, if you face technical issues with web hosting, the provider offers support to ensure uninterrupted services. Sometimes, a hosting provider fails to meet your requirements, and it starts affecting your site’s performance. These are the times when changing the hosting provider becomes a viable solution. However, when you switch web hosts, you need to move your site content and recreate all settings on the new server. It usually involved downtime. Today, we will offer some Read More