10 Step Guide to Help You Automate Your Website Income!

May 3, 2020 By [email protected]_84 Off

I bet you are already familiar with stories about people that made fortune by building websites and monetizing them. You may think they are geniuses, but let me tell you a secret, they are not.

What they do is following some simple steps again and again, to achieve their final goals, and make money online on the web.

Here are 10 steps to help you start your website income system:

1. Find a niche: check what niche you are familiar with, and start with it, if you love dogs, fishes or plants, it really doesn’t matter, if it have searches on Google it is a good niche.

2. Web hosting: after you have your niche, go find yourself a low cost web hosting company to host your future web site. Choose a web hosting company that let you multiple sites on 1 account.

3. Choose a domain name: choosing the right domain name is a one of the most crucial parts in my opinion, because a suitable domain name can boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. Domain names can be registered as cheap as 6-8$ a year.

4. Keywords: choosing targeted keywords is the second most important step I will give you because if your keywords are not targeted to the niche you have chosen, potential users will not know that you are searching for them.

There is a great tool named Google keyword external that will help you find your targeted keywords.

5. Content: using your targeted keywords from our last tip write 7-10 unique articles with 300-500 words each, I say unique because Google dislike copied content and can ban your site for it

6. Point your domain: next step is pointing your domain name to your hosting company’s name servers. It’s technical step.

7. Google AdSense: open Google AdSense account so you can earn money from AdSense ads.

8. Automated website builder: use automated website builder software to build your website, you do not want to waste your precious time on building a website from scratch, you here for the money, so you need something that is checked and that gives quality layouts with integrated AdSense placements.

9. Upload your website to your hosting account: now you are at the almost final step where you just need to upload your professional created website to your hosting account and add your content to your new website.

10. Promotion: this step is the fun part. What you need to do here, is taking 1-2 of your articles and post them into article directories like goarticles.com and EzineArticles.com, and you on the roll, just don’t forget using your targeted keywords, so you can drive targeted users to press on your AdSense ads.

What we have gone through are the steps to automate your website income in a easy way.

Everyone can do it, and it doesn’t cost much, in less then day you can build your automated website and start earning money online.