The computer forensics market is expected to experience an upsurge on account of the increase in sophisticated digital crime and terrorist attacks and economic growth in developing countries. Computer forensics which refers to analysis and reporting of digital data for a legal purpose is the most prominent market within the overall digital forensic market. Computer forensics have become much dynamic in the field of cyber-crime, to perform a structured investigation, in order to detect hidden facts for accurate investigation results. A variety of techniques are used by investigators to inspect and search hidden, encrypted or deleted files or folders.

Computer forensics have gained wide-popularity in developed regions such as North America and Europe owing to technological advancements and increased cyber-crime rates. While, rise in corporate fraud has increased the demand for computer forensics. The UK and other European countries such as Italy and Germany, have observed an increasing trend for … Read More

Intrusions of every kind have now become very common occurrences and to prevent these unlawful entries effective Security Systems have become practically mandatory. Some of the most familiar intrusions occur both in the home and in the corporate and industrial environment. Unlawful entry into homes for the purpose of theft and into Corporate Networks for industrial theft or for pure malice are just examples.

Security Systems for homes basically consist of a Main Control Panel, Magnetic Sensors, Motion Sensors, Remote Video Cameras, Hooters and usually come with a Remote Control. An added feature generally available is a Gas Leak Detector, which, even if not an intrusion detector can be taken to be one since it detects the unwanted presence of leaking gas. These gadgets are available from simple devices consisting of just the basic configuration specified above to extremely sophisticated ones.

  • Main Control Panel – This is the brain of
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Are you concerned about computer security? Do you worry that personal and sensitive information could be leaked to someone with the intent to use that information in a negative manner?

What Is It? The Computer Security Act of 1987 was the first true attempt by the government of the United States to legislate information in the federal government’s computer systems. The overall goal was to protect and defend any of the sensitive information in the systems and provide security for that information.

Basically, what’s private should remain private. The Computer Security Act of 1987 puts a check into place on federal computer systems. And, it’s paved the way for the future of the public’s limited access to government information.

The National Bureau of Standards, which is now known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), was put in control of creating a strategy to develop certain standards for … Read More

Do you know what the latest development in wireless security cameras is?

The latest revolution in security cameras doesn’t involve the sensor or the lens, it involve the transmission signal.

Wireless security cameras are now going WiFi.

Looking at the latest technologies, it is no surprise that WiFi is welcomed in to this field. Many wireless surveillance cameras are now available to make any surveillance system highly efficient and functional.

A wireless security camera can perform many functions such as remote viewing, motion detection and recording, and the best of all is that it is battery operated.

To understand why wireless surveillance cameras have become so popular, you must first understand what WiFi stands for and its functions.

WiFi is short for wireless fidelity refers to a set of wireless networking technologies and more specifically referred to as any type of 802.11 network, 802.11b and 802.11a and dual band. The … Read More

Business owners, board members and managers must depend upon accurate and accessible information to make important decisions. The theft, damage or unauthorized disclosure of an organization’s mission critical information can be a disaster. A company can be crippled or forced out of business if it’s deprived of the data needed to function.

The world is in the middle of a cybercrime wave. The losses are huge. The total dollar amount exceeds that of the illegal global drug trade. Crimes that target an organization’s confidential information are low-risk and high-return. Data breaches are hard to prevent and difficult to prosecute.

Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Thousands of computer networks, mobile electronic devices and personal computers are compromised every day. When hackers and crackers discover vulnerabilities they will exploit the weaknesses and attack for nefarious purposes.

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CTV is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily life, we see it everywhere. However not all CCTV systems are the same. It all starts with ensuring your systems meets the outcomes expected of it, and ensuring your expectation are met, or set, to what a systems is capable of producing.In today’s fast moving world of technology its important that the correct technology is applied in all areas of business and CCTV is no exception. Many variants of IP Based solutions are available on the market today so it is critical for you that your integrator provides … Read More

Are you one of the people who is living in an insecurity infested area such that you never get to have a full share of your sleep at night? Are you so haunted by fear of being attacked that you are always on the look out for burglars and thieves? Relax. This article is here for you because I think its time you sought the services of companies that offer safety products, software and information.

You can choose to hire a security guard who will always be watching over your premises or your home for that matter. There are security firms that deal entirely with hiring guards and sending them out where their services are required. They are well trained people who know how to handle cases of burglary.

Alternatively you can choose to ask the home security service provider to install some protective devices which will allow you to … Read More

Due to increasing instances of crimes and terrorist attacks at airports and airlines our airport security has become a major concern. Smuggling of weapons, drugs and explosives still are undercover through numerous airport checkpoints. The question arises that where are the flaws? Why security checks at airports fails even with the best security system? Here we will try to find out the answers to these questions and discuss our current airport security management system and some unnoticed flaws of it.

Our Current Airport Security Management System

As we know TSA (Transport Security Administration) regulates and maintains security checks at the airports. But you would be shocked knowing that even with TSA our airport security is not worth the cost even in the best of circumstances. Still many security lapses are taken place at major airports around the world. For stopping criminal activities at airports that can cause damage to innocent … Read More

While new PCs do come with free trial versions of an antivirus suite, as well as Windows built-in security tools, these features and programs aren’t always the best. Many users feel the need to uninstall them more than they feel the need to upgrade to a paid version. What is the best computer security program? With so many suites and products to choose from, how do you know which is the right solution for you?

Whether you’re a home user or business user, you should never compromise when it comes to security. All of the top rated cyber security brands offer a great selection of products and subscriptions to choose from, ranging from home PC antivirus software to top-notch, big business security services. Consider your needs and look over all of the tools and features offered with each and every product.

At the very least, you’ll need something that will … Read More

There are many companies who will tell you that their security product is the latest and best thing to solve your security concerns. They’ll promise that their new infrared camera will deter even Danny Ocean and his team. They’ll promise the most reliable keyless entry systems outside of Fort Knox, but can they be trusted? There is a very simple answer, there is no such thing as the best security option to pick. Some of these options are better than others, some systems more secure than others but there is no such thing as perfect security.

So why bother? Why spend money on trying to improve your security when none of these products will solve the problem? Again, there’s a very simple answer – no one device or gadget or process will solve your problems, but a number of them, properly integrated and linked together can. These are known as … Read More