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Pontius Pilate the Roman Prefect of Judea

By iwano@_84

Pontius Pilate reigned as prefect of Judea in the time of Tiberius Caesar Augustus; Roman emperor in A.D26. of the Julian calendar. The great Roman Empire extended from the English channels to the gates of Mesopotamia.

Pilate was not of purely roman stock. His clan the Pontii we’re samnites who lived along the Apennine mountain spine at the Italian peninsula. The Pontii had conquered Rome in several fierce wars. They were of noble blood, but when Rome eventually absorbed the samnites; their aristocracy was demoted to the roman equestrian order. Members of Pilate’s clan had served Rome in numerous offices, both military and civil.

Pilate considered himself somewhere between a skeptic and a stoic. He considered Jews as hardworking, but terribly inbred and clannish folk always quarrelling among themselves.

He was promoted to prefect the notorious Judea for his success as an administrator military with the twelfth legion in Syria. … Read More