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Screen & Roll: ‘The Fab Five’ values a lasting impact over wins and losses

By iwano@_84

“The Fab Five,” one of the early ESPN 30 for 30 films by “The Last Dance” director Jason Hehir, profiles the University of Michigan men’s basketball team’s 1991 class of Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson. The film describes how the team became the first to predominantly start all freshmen, made two straight NCAA championship games and changed the culture of college basketball with their play and style. It also details how its legacy has been hidden away following sanctions for players receiving illegal gifts. This discussion contains spoilers, and we suggest you watch the film before reading.

Lauren Mattice: Knowing next to nothing about NCAA basketball history (at least I’m being honest), this 30 for 30 maybe surprised me the most out of any because of its emotional grounding of the team, the history it made and the legacy it created together for the

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How to Use a Roll Top Desk For Your Computer

By iwano@_84

There is something about a roll top desk that harks back to the 19th century and I’ve seen them used for everything from showcases for antique collectibles to storage for home office supplies. One enterprising home-based entrepreneur however, had the best use I have ever seen for a roll top desk.

He was a bit of a handyman and built the desk himself. It had a classic look constructed in oak with drawers down the side and a lovely old-fashioned looking roll top. The modifications he made included having the drawer under the desktop replaced by a pull-out key board tray that locked in place. The desk was also slightly shorter in height to make it ergonomic for keyboarding and slightly wider to accommodate room for a printer and monitor on the desktop.

The most interesting change was the drawer and storage space under the desk. To the right he … Read More

How Roll Top Computer Desks Reduce Clutter

By iwano@_84

The roll top computer desks are coming back into play these days. At one time a they were considered your grandmothers desk. In contemporary designed households this style has not been in good taste. It just reminds people of older times when bulky was the thing to have.

But not anymore, now owners are once again finding real value in these desk. They are finding out why these desk were so popular in the 1950 and 60’s.

Computer desk have always been a concern of many household. Hell, as I look at my computer desk I see plenty of wires and paper lying around with no where to put them. Roll top computer desk make it possible to ride all the clutter or at least organize the clutter into meaningful organized information. First of all they make it possible to tuck away and cover every part of the computer. That … Read More