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Has Putin’s $1.6bn plan to build new cultural centres throughout Russia hit the rocks?

By iwano@_84

Russian president Vladimir Putin and local officials examine plans for one of the regional cultural centres in 2019

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s 120bn ruble ($1.6bn) project to build a string of regional cultural centres with branches of leading federal museums and theatres has come under fire after staff of the foundation in charge of it were laid off and claimed they were not paid.

In a video posted on YouTube on 7 September, two dozen former staff members of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation, which is building the centres with funding from Russian state oil and gas profits, said that 120 contracts had been terminated in June with no notice, no severance pay and four months of salary arrears. The group appealed directly to the president to address the “mass dismissal of employees”.

Former staff members of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation said that contracts had been terminated in

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How to Get an Inexpensive Or Free Computer Monitor That Rocks

By iwano@_84

A personal computer is no good without a good monitor. Sure, computers are great at number crunching but most of the time we are surfing the net, dealing with email, viewing photos or videos and that requires a decent monitor. Many computers come with a monitor but you may want to upgrade, and very often great deals in computers come monitor free. How can you get a really good monitor for not much money, or better yet for free?

Now anyone can plunk down money for a monitor and buy whatever they want, and if you are short o time and long on money this is a reasonable thing to do, but there are plenty of existing monitors out there that won’t cost much.

First of all, older monitors use CRT or Cathode Ray Tube technology and are big, bulky, and heavy, but many of them have large screens and … Read More